I can’t help but smile when looking through these images!  And that’s exactly how I felt when I spent the morning with Anna and Ben – I just couldn’t stop smiling. They are joyful people who love one another deeply. One of my very favorite things about Anna and Ben is how I can see that they are really good friends – they laugh together, they genuinely care for one another, they aren’t afraid to show affection or even poke fun at one another. Most of all, they are kind with their words and actions.

Can I just pause and say how adorable their style is? His glasses and her adorable high wasted shorts were just too cute for words. I am beyond thrilled to be photographing their wedding in just a few weeks!

Anna and Ben, you are so natural and sweet around one another. I feel like I could spend an entire day with you and never tire of photographing you. Keep being you, with your sweet gestures and kind words. It will make for a wonderful, wonderful marriage.

Film processing: Indie Film Lab
Location: Downtown Raleigh and Joule Coffee 

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Below: Anna told me at our session that Ben makes custom furniture, and she can’t wait to see what he’ll make for their future home over the years to come. When I saw this piece of construction wood, I knew I had to take a few photos of them in front of it! I love the textures and symbolism here.

nancyray-annaben5 nancyray-annbeneng-1044 nancyray-annaben7nancyray-annbeneng-1051

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Thank you Nancy. You captured their spirits beautifully! Can’t wait to meet you next weekend!

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