Angel and Brad compliment each other perfectly. Angel is outgoing and sweet; Brad is strong and thoughtful. Although Brad and Angel have dealt with the difficulties of life, they are confident that The Lord’s plan is always perfect. Angel and Brad had been dating for around a year before they started talking about the thoughts of marriage and close to this same time, Angel’s dad was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. During this difficult time for Angel’s family, Brad stood strongly and constantly by her side. The night before Angel’s father passed away, Brad was able to ask Angel’s dad for her hand in marriage and he gave him his permission. Brad asked Angel to marry him months later on her Dad’s birthday as they were visiting his grave. He told her “I want this day to be special and not sad anymore.” From talking to Angel, I know that she is the person that she is today because of her Dad, and Brad wanted it to make it clear to her how important that was to him as well. I love the words that Angel shared with me about why she loves Brad “I love how much he included the first man I ever loved in everything.” 

We met at Carroll Joyner park on a beautiful winter afternoon. The sun was out, people were crowded around the park running, walking their dogs and spending time with their families, but this didn’t stop us from enjoying the park ourselves. As we walked around talking about life and wedding planning, I learned a lot about this couple – why Angel loves teaching, that we share a love for the beautiful state of South Carolina, and that Brad thought taking these pictures was going to be miserable! (Hopefully it wasn’t!)

I am so excited for this couple’s Christmas wedding in December!nrp-callie-angbradeng-1013nrp-calliepitts-angelbrad1nrp-callie-angbradeng-1003nrp-callie-angbradeng-1039nrp-calliepitts-angelbrad2nrp-callie-angbradeng-1025nrp-calliepitts-angelbrad3

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Aww yeah we are so excited for December it can’t get here fast enough! Thank you for your sweet words and we are excited to be working with you and Brad said he enjoyed it more than he thought!

We are so glad you are here!

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