Alison and Doug’s love of Chapel Hill is greater than just the school that they attended – it is the place where they fell in love. I had the best time with Alison and Doug on UNC’s campus! Since I grew up in Raleigh and went to NC State, I really have not spent a lot of time in Chapel Hill or on the campus. But let me tell you, this is one beautiful place. We could not have chosen a more perfect day for this session. The foliage was a beautiful bright green, and the flowers were in bloom. I love how every corner we turned, there was a story to be told and time to reminisce about things that they have done together… late night talks on the stairs, dorms that they lived in, many football games and classrooms where they attended classes.

I love the way that Doug and Alison interact with each other! They are always laughing, taking in each moment and just enjoying life together. Doug brings out a side of Alison that I know that no one else does. Just from the little time I have spent with them so far, I know they are not afraid to be their true selves with each other. They told me that they are most looking forward to becoming “a team:” having that one person who will always be on your side to make decisions, to walk with through life together, and to embrace all the adventures that marriage brings. I am so excited for your wedding day this fall, and I am certain together you are going to be make one amazing team!


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LOVE all of these pictures and the two of you!!! So happy for you guys :) LOVELY, ROMANTIC, and FUN!

Wonderful pictures. Congratulations! You are a charming couple.

These make us so happy! Thank you for your sweet words and lovely pictures, Callie. You are wonderful!

What a wonderful way to create memories. Lovely couple, lovely photographs…

Lovely! Congratulations, Alison & Doug!!

We are so glad you are here!

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