Peek of my maternity session by the amazing Elizabeth Tate, NRP family photographer

Sweet Milly girl,

You are beautiful. Or “Booo-full!” as you would say. Inside and out, you are beautiful. Your love for people is something that can’t really be taught – it runs deep in who you are. You love people. You are lavish with your kisses (yes, on the lips) to so many. You yell “hugs! hugs!” before anyone leaves. You have a heart that is made to love, and I pray you never, ever lose that. It’s one of my favorite things about you.


Your mind truly amazes me. Your vocabulary and speaking abilities are incredible. Watching you process this world and life around you is my greatest joy! Tonight, your Dad and I took you to watch some airplanes. When the loud noise of a landing airplane whisked by you, your eyes got wide and bright and you watched in amazement. We ran to the car to avoid the rain, and you loved sitting in the seat beside me, buckling and unbuckling your seatbelt. You watched the rain come down on the windshield and smiled so big, saying “RAIN!” You love the rain.

Speaking of rain, yesterday was one of my very favorite afternoons with you. I took you on a run in your stroller, and it started sprinkling on us on the way home. I ran faster and faster, only to get home and decide… life is too short not to play in the rain!


So out you went, unbuckled from your stroller and into the grass. We spread our arms out and made a silly rain dance together:

Dance in the rain!
Jumping Jack!
Boogie Boogie!
Ugga Mugga!


Each with a corresponding dance move. I think we did it 10 times in a row, and you smiled so big. Your favorites were Boogie boogie and Ugga Mugga. You loved holding your hand under the gutter and feeling the water pour through your little soft fingers. You loved jumping in the puddles… until you realized how dirty you got! Then you cried, I hosed you off, and we went upstairs for a shower. I loved making that memory with you.


Your favorite phrases these days?

Milly do it!
Daddy is a boy
Mommy is a goyl
No ma’am!
Milly goes pee pee in the potty!
I so proud of you
Go lay down! (Said to Winston)
I love you
Mama: “Roo, where are you?”
Milly: “Here I am Mama!”

You can count to 14, and then you say “14, 16, 14!” and you’re done.
You can sing your ABCs.
You can sing Jesus Loves Me.
You love to pray before meals, clasping your hands and closing your eyes and smiling and peeking at us.
You’ve never had a lovey, but lately you’ve taken to your baby dolls and adore sleeping with your “Anna Elsa Towel,” which we find hilarious!


You are such a delight, little love!

Today, you turn two.

These past two years have remade me. You have remade me, in many ways. I’ve discovered that I love being a mama, that is breaks me down and builds me up in the best way, that my greatest joy comes from spending time with you and your Daddy. I’d rather do life with no one else! You two are my favorites. Period.


This next year is going to hold a lot of really sweet, exciting, wondrous changes for you! In just a few short months, you’re going to be a big sister. I know you’re going to love this new little baby with every ounce of your being, because quite frankly – you’re obsessed with babies. (You loved all the babies in the strollers at the zoo just as much, if not more, than the zebras and lions and elephants!) Our family is going to grow, and I know you are going to make us so proud as you take on this new role. This little baby is going to take up much of mama’s time and energy, but it doesn’t mean I love you any less. You will always be the one who made me a mama.


We are so proud of you, and we take such delight in watching you grow. You are my girl, and I’ll love you forever.

Happy 2nd birthday, sweet Milly!


For Milly’s 2nd birthday (and all future birthdays), I love using Paperless Post! I keep our closest friends and family in an address book, track the event, and can send out reminders with the click of a button. Paper invitations are so sweet for their first birthdays, but I love these online invitations (with the most adorable designs) for all other birthdays!

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This is so sweet. Happy Birthday, little Milly! The photos with your little family (including your pup) radiate love, joy, happiness, peace, and so much light. God bless you!

Oh, Nanc! This is absolutely precious. xo

We are so glad you are here!

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