I gotta say, my 30th birthday was just amazing.

The magic of my 30th birthday all points back to my sweet, sweet husband, William Ray. I still don’t know how he pulled off so many plans and surprises! We spent four days cleaning out our house (my birthday request), and let’s be honest: he did the heavy lifting and even let me nap most days. I was in the thick of first trimester pregnancy, feeling sleepier and queasier than ever. In the midst of the cleanout, he took me on a dinner & movie date night, and also sent me to the movies with my mama on a different night. I felt like a queen going to the movies twice in on week! Something that rarely happens for this mama!

I woke up on my actual birthday (NYE) to kisses and snuggles from Milly and Will, coffee and morning reading time, and a run with Winston. BLISS. Then he sat me down and gave me the most incredible gift: a spa weekend away with my best friends, mom and sister in the mountains of NC. I cried my face off. Next up: Chick-fil-A (spicy combo with a milkshake, duh), then mani pedi with my mama. After some home time with Milly and a much needed nap for both of us, we headed downtown for my “party” with friends and family at Gravy – a favorite Italian restaurant that is oh so yummy! We laughed and talked and ate delicious food, then headed back to my Dad’s place where we were going to do dessert and more family bday celebrations.

THAT’s when I walked in to the BIGGEST SURPRISE EVER. A giant group of dearly loved friends and family – I couldn’t believe it! My 30th birthday will go down as one of my favorite days of my life. William, I love you with all my heart and am in awe of how you have loved me as I turned 30.

Sweet Callie set up the Photo Booth as part of my surprise, so I would forever remember the fun and the people that evening of my 30th birthday party. Such a sweet gift! Thank you Callie!!!



















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Hi Nancy – these pics are fantastic!!!! Photobooths are my fav way to do informal pics – such a great gift idea too. As someone who is pushing 60 (OMG), my 30s were such a sweet. time. I hope and pray your 30th year is one of blessings, babies, and beautiful memories.

Wow! 30 looks like it was a lot of fun! What a hilarious assortment of photos!

So, so sweet! Welcome to the 30-club, Nancy! You’re absolutely glowing!

And great job, Will!! :)

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