December might just be my favorite month of the year. (Hello Christmas and my birthday!)
January would have to be a close second. Or maybe January is my favorite.
In fact, I really really love the one-two punch that December and January provide TOGETHER.

First up: December. Traditions, feasting, loads of stuff and decorations that make your heart happy, peanut butter cookies, singing, laying around watching movies, board games, wrapping up work, date nights with twinkly lights, nostalgia, reminiscing the year, sleeping in and extra snuggles. Basically enjoying life while being a-ok with a lazy and fat lifestyle allll the livelong day.

Next up: January. Newness. Clearing the clutter. Out with the old, in with the new. Clean surfaces, capsule wardrobes, simplified living, GOALS. Self care, exercise, resolve, determination, and clarity. New planners, new calendars, new everything.

So I truly love them both. It’s a tie, ladies and gentleman! Because it’s December followed by January that makes them both so wonderful.

So let’s not hurry ourselves through December. Let’s soak this month in for what it is and enjoy the season of feasting and family. Let’s make memories and watch movies, knowing what’s around the corner. And let’s practice gratitude for this beautiful year we’ve had.

December Goals

Host the annual NRP Christmas Party
Begin Powersheets for 2018
Have a Christmas Date Night with Will
Finalize 10 Years of NRP Celebration Plans
Host an evening of Caroling
Wrap all Christmas presents by December 12th

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