Ok friends, I’m breaking the radio silence on the NRP Blog for a grand blogging finale : the 12 days of NRP! Over the next 12 days.. every day from now until the end of the year (except for Christmas Day)… you will get to see our final weddings and sessions from 2019!

There are a few reasons we’ve been quiet over here:

1. 3 kids, a new podcast, a new blog, and closing a business… it’s all been more time consuming than I realized.
2. We’ve been prioritizing our clients needs and product delivery!
3. We submitted several of these weddings (because they are so stunning) and we were giving it until the very end of this year to share them with you.

The bottom line is this : this is going to be GOOD. We’ll share our beautiful weddings, families, and sessions, and then we’ll share the best of 2019, some behind the scenes, and finally : a recap of the last 12 years of business.

This has been my little internet blogging home for 12 years. The NRP Blog isn’t going anywhere – it will be available even though it won’t be active in 2020. As I close out this chapter and end this season of my work, I just want you to know:

I’m so grateful you’ve come along with me in this journey.

Truly, so grateful. I know there are a few of you who have been reading and following for 10+ YEARS (I just talked with one of you the other day!), and the fact that you have stuck with me means so much. So let’s do this!

12 Days of NRP!

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