Sweet little Wyatt came about a month early, right on Christmas Eve. It felt like I had just done Cameron and Daniel’s maternity session, so I was pretty surprised to get the email from them letting me know their little dude had arrived, and that everyone was happy and healthy. I arrived at their home to photograph their newborn session in the first few days of January, and I’ll never forget hearing the birth story as I was setting up my equipment. Like many others from 2016 – it’s one for the books.

I’m just going to start by saying that Cameron and Daniel? Both rock stars. Wyatt surprised them in the middle of the night, and gave them quite the scare. Without going into too much detail, I’ll just say that as they were packing up to rush to the hospital in the middle of the night, Daniel secretly did a search on his phone to see if what was occurring was relatively normal, or whether it was something to be concerned about. He quickly learned that it was not normal. In fact, it was pretty scary, and very rare.

Of course he was terrified, but he quietly composed himself, drove Cameron to the hospital, and didn’t say a word. He remained calm and collected just for Cameron, and shouldered that fear on his own knowing that any stress would complicate matters physically and likely cause her to panic in fear. They admitted her immediately and performed a c-section within minutes of arrival. Cameron learned how scary that situation actually was, and how strong Daniel was for her, but only when her little dude was safely in her arms. She couldn’t stop bragging on Daniel at the session, and it just makes me teary every time I think about it!

Thank you, Cameron and Daniel, for letting me photograph this beautiful time for your family. I’m so thankful to have met y’all!

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