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I’m sitting at my desk Sunday morning, dumping cards and charing batteries. This weekend has been FULL to say the least, and it’s not over yet! My family came into town to see Taylor Swift Friday night (so much fun!), and stayed up late eating pizza and hanging out. I photographed a gorgeous wedding in Winston Salem yesterday at the Graylyn, arrived at home at 1:30am, and I have another beautiful wedding to photograph today at Fearrington.

Most people think I’m crazy for booking double wedding weekends, but for me, I love it. Yes, it’s a long weekend with sore shoulders and tired feet. And sometimes I do feel a little crazy for doing it. But it’s not about glorifying busyness or working too much. What I love about double wedding weekends is that I feel like I get “in the zone,” and I’m stretched physically and creatively. I get so focused, I am able to see things in a new way and get out of my comfort zone creatively. Also, it allows me to have more free weekends throughout the year, since I limit myself to shooting 25 weddings a year. (Next year will be 18.)

I was so inspired by this print this morning : Work hard and be nice. I just love that. What a wonderful reminder to me this weekend as I have the privilege of serving my couples. I love what I do! So thankful for this busy weekend, and thankful for rest that is just around the corner. This week remember to work hard and be nice. Conan O’Brien couldn’t be more right!

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Thank you for this beautiful reminder! I love your heart Ms. Nancy Ray and I’m thankful you take the time to encourage others through your blog! xoxo

Beautiful print & truth to live by!

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