Sometimes, I have the honor of capturing a miracle… or two.

This session was one of those times.

My dear friend Kristin, Editor in Chief of Southern Weddings Magazine and the Event Organizer behind Making Things Happen, has been praying and believing for a baby for years. She and her sweet Southern husband have been on a journey of waiting, and testing, and more waiting, and more testing. There’s no way for me to adequately describe all of what they’ve been through. The heartache, the tears, the waiting, the praying, the crying, the longing. I remember looking her in the eyes over a year ago, telling her I don’t understand her road but I love her and am praying and waiting and hoping so deeply with her. There’s so much more to her story that’s not mine to tell or ever experience, but I hope you get a sense of the journey they’ve been on.

And I hope you feel the HOPE and JOY, knowing these images tell a beautiful story of redemption and love.


They are having twins!!!

God is so incredible and goodness am I so happy for this dear friend!

Kristin’s parents and Kyle’s parents are so loving, and they’ve been walking this road with them. Kristin knew she wanted to do something special when she revealed the news, so we planned a fake “Southern Weddings Editorial Shoot” all about the parents. So I began by taking portraits of each couple.

Then, when we took their group family photo, Kristin simply turned to them and said the words she’s been wanting to say for years…


Their reaction was priceless!

After many tears and hugs, Kristin announced she wanted them each to hold a balloon that spelled the word “BABY” for their baby announcement.

That’s when she handed them balloons (that were wrapped up in trash bags for “safekeeping”) that spelled out “TWINS” instead!

Take some time to soak in the reactions of these sweet parents, and the joy that is family.
This is legacy, y’all.
These photos will be cherished as treasures for the rest of these twins’ lives and beyond.
This moment will be talked about for decades in this family.
This is what our work is all about.

God is a God of miracles. He is able. For anyone reading this, He CAN do the impossible. Don’t stop believing, and don’t lose hope. Romans 15:13.

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You know its a great post when you are crying at the end and you don’t even know the people in the photos! So sweet! Go God! Amazing photos.

God is immeasurably good! These images are beautiful and a treasure!!

What amazing memories and such joyous photos to treasure forever! Tearing up for you all, congratulations!! And amazing photos Nancy!!

ALLL the feels. SO happy for this sweet family! These are everything and more.

Christina Frederick

How precious are these images! All of the happy tears over here for this sweet story, written by one awesome God! xo

LOVE THIS. Crying over here for Kristin and her sweet family.

This is beautiful! God is able to do more than we can ever imagine. May God bless their journey into parenthood!

THE SWEETEST!!!! So much happiness!

I love everything about this, Nancy!!! Such gorgeous photos and such gorgeous people. :)

oh my happy stars!! these images just radiate pure joy and love. Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to see this wonderful family grow!

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