You know who doesn’t exist? Moms who DON’T talk about how fast their kids are growing. I mean… it’s true, right?! If you’re a mom, you think on a daily basis about how your kid is already so different than last year, about how time is moving too quickly. Reason number 231 that having regular photos taken of your family is so important!

I’ll give you a couple other good reasons to have your family photographed annually:

1. It becomes a non-negotiable. Bottom line: if you don’t set the precedent for your family photo sessions, they might not happen (read: definitely won’t happen). On the flip side, if you’re intentional to plan a standing family session, say, every October, it’s on the calendar months in advance.

2. It eliminates pressure. How often does December creep up on you and you freak out realizing you don’t have family photos for your Christmas card? Set a time – the same time – every year, and when everyone else is scrambling for an adorable family photo for that Christmas card, you can rest easy with that fun summer session that you conquered months ago.

3. It allows for intentional budgeting. Quality photos are expensive! It helps a lot to be able to set aside “x” amount a month for photos so that you’re not trying to find the funds at the last minute.

4. You’ll learn to look forward to it. That sounds crazy, I know, but it’s true. When the pressure to schedule it last minute fades, when you know who your photographer is after getting to know them year after year, when you can budget for it the months leading up to it, it can actually be fun! Promise.

Do a family photo session annually, and before you know it you’ll have a lifetime of quality photos that adequately document the life of your family!

We’re excited to let you know that we’re offering a discount THIS MONTH (June)! If you book a family session with Elizabeth to use in 2017, we’ll give you $100 off! 

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Renea DuVall (Thomas)

I would LOVE to schedule a session for my family & I. This last year has definitely changed my Outlook on life. Kids grow so fast, change almost over night, and the most important people in our lives are gone before we know it. Please let me know how to go about scheduling a session. Thank you in advance!!!

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