I’ll never forget Whitney’s bridal session. After a long drive from Raleigh, I arrived at Lowndes Grove Plantation with Jamie, my sweet intern. We walked the beautiful property on an absolutely perfect day – no humidity, sunshine, and a slight breeze. We walked inside and up the stairs, and after Whitney had put on her dress and veil, I took her into the room next to us and began to photograph her. I stopped taking pictures for a moment and simply said, “Whitney, you are beautiful.” Tears began to fill her eyes. Overcome with so many feelings – I am a bride! This is real! Is this really happening!? – Whitney looked at me with her big brown eyes and began to cry. I began to tear up, too. It was a beautiful reminder of how important those moments are. All of the planning, the hair, the nails, the makeup, the dress… all of it pays off when you simply stop and take it all in.

Whitney wrote me the sweetest thank you note (as she is always so kind to do!) after her session, and said, “You were the first person to make me cry… which was awesome!” I took that as the highest compliment. Too often we fight our emotions, but I think it’s beautiful when we embrace them. When we stop to really feel what is happening, it allows me to photograph the real you. That is why Whitney is so stunning in all of these images! She is authentically beautiful – unafraid to be herself. I have loved getting to know her.

Whitney and Nick’s Charleston wedding this past weekend was so beautiful – no surprise there! I cannot wait to share their lovely photos.

Film processing: Indie Film Lab


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[…] she and Nick, and they have quite a story. It started with Whitney and Nick’s engagement session, Whit’s bridal session, their wedding day, and their anniversary session. Most recently, Nancy has been able to photograph […]

Can we do it all again, Nancy?!I loved every moment along the way! Please stay in touch!

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