One morning last year I woke up, had my coffee, read Scripture, and started journaling all kinds of lessons I’ve learned in the last several years that came to my mind:

Life and Business.

– Personal Finances
– How to become Debt Free
– How to plan for your legacy
– The Contentment Challenge
– Home Organization Guide

– Film Basics
– Digital Basics
– Hybrid Shooting (Film + Digital): What works for us
– Business Organization
– Business Budgeting
– How to lead a team
– How to hire an intern

…. and on and on and on.

Seriously y’all, I couldn’t stop writing! It was one of those moments of clarity, where I had a vision and simply had to put it to paper. (I’m telling ya – it’s why my morning routine is so important to me.)

What I saw was this: an online shop, full of videos and PDF’s and E-books and tips and lessons I’ve learned in business for the past 9 years.

I get SO many emails about business, life, ministry, hiring, my equipment, film, our internship, our team, emails, organization, finances, budgeting, and on and on… and I figured: what better way to share these lessons than to create an online shop?

And guess what? It’s happening! The Nancy Ray Shop will be launching at the end of this month, and it will be 100% online! No physical products to deliver in the mail, but a ton of value taught through PDFs, E-books, video tutorials and teaching lessons. I plan to hold nothing back!

Here are a few lessons you can expect to find in the Nancy Ray Shop soon:

How to implement an effective Hiring Process
25 of the best financial decisions you can make in your first 5 years of business
How to be an email ninja
Film Photography Basics
Digital Photography Basics
How to store, organize and enjoy your family photos in a digital age
How to lead with thorough communication
Business Budgeting Guide
Contentment Challenge Devotional E-book
Guide to Business Organization
Our Internship Program Secrets
The Rays’ complete guide to money
& more!

So is this shop for photographers? Yes.
Is it for people who aren’t photographers? Yes.
Is it for someone who is hungry for improvement? Absolutely!
This shop is for anyone and everyone who wants to learn and improve in life and business.

We will be launching the shop at the end of this month, releasing products in phases throughout the year. There will be lots of freebies, too! While it won’t be fully stocked right away, the content will be filling up throughout this year and even into next year as we continue to hear from our shoppers. So stay tuned!

And I’d LOVE to hear from you: What would you like to see in the new Nancy Ray Shop?
Leave a comment below to be entered in a giveaway for $15 credit to the Nancy Ray Shop!

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This is SO exciting! After attending MTH last week, I’m ready to build true margin and balance into my life so that I can be more present in my personal life. Your shop will definitely bring some guidance on my journey. Thank you.

Hey Nancy! I started following you and the team after I met Callie at Clay and Whitney’s wedding a few years ago and I am totally hooked. I am a digital designer and would love to know more about post process/editing and how you keep such a consistent look across all your photos and photographers. Keep up the awesome work!

I am so so excited about this too! I can’t wait for the information about shooting hybrid and how you implement both digital and film into your wedding days! More specifically I would love to learn about how you shoot receptions in digital and make those coherent to your film images!

I love everything you write Nancy- I am so excited for the shop! I would love to see more on the contentment challenge. I have loved doing it once before- and am excited about the idea of a devotional to go along with the process.

Sounds like these are some great resources for people to get started! Thanks for sharing your expertise with people in this way. I might have to check a few of these out.

Thanks for doing this Nancy! I am not a photographer either, but continually go back to your blog for finance and organization inspiration! We are currently trying to pay off our house, so maybe an e-book with how you guys paid off your debt? I loved your debt series from a while back, but would love to see the type of budget (real numbers) that you used.

I am so so excited for your shop. I am not a photographer but love all your organization, finance and life tips. I LOVED your organization series and have referred back to it often. I am also so inspired by your budgeting wisdom. I’d love to hear how you fight the urge to buy and redecorate when we are saturated with images of beautiful homes and clothes etc. Thanks!

I’m so excited for you and for all the people who get to benefit from your knowledge and wisdom! I think the business budgeting and organization guides would be helpful for me as well as one on your blogging workflow!

Nancy, I cannot wait! I’ve been following you these past few years and have learned so much already just from what you share here. This year I’m praying and planning for the start of my own photography business and I know without a doubt that what you offer in your shop will be essential to my journey. Thank you for doing this!

I think you should write a memoir about your life. No pressure or anything. :-) Just knowing little tidbits about your personal life through your blog and learning some of your family’s background, I’ve always been curious to know more about the hard times in your life , and how your faith has enabled you to get to where you are today. It sounds like you may touch on this in some of the lessons, but I’d be interested in a memoir!

You have an amazing ability to garner people’s respect and attention through your wisdom, your writing, and your consistently kind and gentle nature. You truly have a God-given gift! I think your shop will be a great success. :-)

So excited about the shop! I would love to see anything financial and spiritual related!. I look up to you and Will so much when it comes to money and faith!

I am also excited to check out the digital photography basics as I just purchased my first DSLR camera and I need to learn how to use it!

I cannot wait for the Contentment Challenge E-book! Since I’m not a photographer, any of your life focused lessons and blog posts are inspiring to me!

Hi Nancy! How gracious you are to offer your knowledge and wisdom to others! It would be super helpful to learn more about work/life balance (like your morning routine) and how your life might look day to day. As a mom of young kids at home it is hard to balance both!

Hi Nancy! I’m so excited you are doing this. I know so many women will benefit from you. I am excited about your contentment challenge book. I think this is something we all struggle with and will be a beautiful piece of knowledge for every person.

I would love to hear more about growing a debt free business and how this really works when buying expensive necessary items in the beginning before getting any profit.

Can’t wait to see what you have in store.

Hey Nancy!

I’d love to see some prints for sale – either actual prints or digital ones we can download. I’d love to print some of your scenic and floral photography, but could also see myself using the digital images as backgrounds for my phone or computer. Can’t wait to see your shop launch :)


I am so excited about the Contentment Challenge devotional! We are getting ready to move into our first home together, so this is the perfect time to prayerfully evaluate what we have and how we can be stewards of Christ with our things. I can’t wait for the shop – though I’m not a photographer or business owner, I’m still eager to learn more about ways to grow our ministry, finances, and even our marriage! Praying for you and congrats on this new venture!

I am so excited about the Contentment Challenge devotional! I would love to see a Bible study from you. I am always so inspired by the way you walk in the Lord and study His word.

So exciting! I’d love to see tips on organizing personal photos (as a photographer, my own photos get pushed to the back burner too often!).

Not a photographer or a business owner (yet… but who knows what the future holds?), but I LOVE reading your guides to money, debt, and contentment. I’d also really enjoy seeing something for working moms (Specifically Christian moms!). Everything to practical tips on balancing time to explaining why we work outside the home to personal stories! Congrats on your new venture!

I’ve always looked up to you and how you balance raising and supporting your family, along side having a successful career. I can’t wait for your shop to open up and come alive and would love to know how to have a better work/life balance to ensure my marriage always stays at the top of my priority list and focus!

Love this! After reading Callie’s story this week, I think I would really like to know more about the process you used to train your associate photographers before they could shoot weddings on their own. Can’t wait for the shop launch!

I am super excited about this! I would love to hear about ways that you prepared for motherhood in your home and personal life. Also super excited about the Contentment Challenge e-book!

I am so excited! I watched the financial class on the Influence Network that you and Will hosted. I learned SO much and cant wait to hear even more. Plus, photography tips are always needed :)

I cannot wait! I am not a photographer and I love that you will have learning material for everyone! I’ve reread so many of your personal posts because they are so full of truth and continually challenge me! I’m really excited for this, especially The Ray Complete Guide to Money!!!

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