I am so pleased to introduce the all new website and brand for Nancy Ray Photography! I am overjoyed at the final look and feel of every detail : simple, clean, and a beautiful reflection of our Film Photography Team. Our core purpose here at NRP is to capture and preserve beautiful legacies, and this brand reflects our heartbeat more than ever before. I do hope you stay a while and take a look around!

Kathryn Duckett of Creme Brands was the designer behind my new brand. I cannot speak highly enough of Kathryn – she listened to my heart and my mission above everything else, and that is where true lasting brands are born. A brand is so much more than a logo – it is the entire feeling and cohesive experience that is conveyed through a business. Kathryn tied everything together so seamlessly! She guided me with her creativity and expertise as a designer, and listened every step of the way.


Ross and his team at Flosites implemented the beautiful design of my new brand, and I could not be happier! They were so timely and efficient, and I’m so grateful for the work they did to make it all come together. I’m a creative, so I am incredibly grateful for those that understand the back end of implementing a new site. They made it happen!

While the logo isn’t everything, it absolutely is one of my favorite aspects of my new brand. Because it’s so tied into the heart of what we do, I feel like there’s no better way to introduce my new brand than to explain the detailed aspects of my new logo, and why it means to much to me. Take a look at how beautiful it is!


NR : The woven NR together stands for legacy. Legacy is intertwined from generation to generation, and there is a “passing down” that takes place when leaving a legacy. Similarly, you can see how the NR are woven together, passing from one to another. It also symbolizes the beginning of legacy on a wedding day – how two people are woven together to begin a new family tree. Goodness I love the beauty of these hand-lettered initials! They stand for so much.

Nancy Ray : The typeface she used here is clean and sophisticated. I love the way it feels. It is reminiscent of a logo from years gone by that I absolutely loved (anyone remember the birdcage logo?), and I feel like it has taken my brand full circle.

Photography : This calligraphy makes my heart sing. Truly – Abany of Brown Linen created the perfect lettering that reflects the heart of my brand like never before.

est. ’08 : This is my favorite part of my logo! When Kathryn was asking me a comprehensive list of questions about my brand and my heart behind it, she asked me a simple question: ” what is your favorite heirloom?” I answered : “The letters that my grandfather left for all of his grandchildren. He typed them on his typewriter while in his last few months of life, and filled pages with life lessons and wisdom. Those letters, along with the photographs from my grandparents wedding, mean more to me than anything else.” When she heard that, she made sure that the typewriter font was included as a subtle yet important part of my brand. (My grandparents are pictured below on their wedding day.) It’s also the year that Will and I established our marriage and the beginning of our family tree – June of 2008.




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Absolutely breathtaking – following along on this journey has made me think more deeply about my own legacy, and crafting a more meaningful business foundation! Everything is beautiful.

Just beautiful! My favorite part is the NR mark – simple and gorgeous and meaningful! The colors are lovely, too!

This looks lovely Nancy! It is so reflective of the heart behind your brand, and the launch is so timely with the arrival of your new little miracle too :)

The new branding and logo are beautiful, and they do reflect a lot of who you are and what your business has become. And funny enough, when I first saw this post that you were announcing the new branding, I was totally thinking back to the birdcage branding!

Congratulations Nancy… the new branding and website is gorgeous!

Your new website and logo look beautiful, Nancy!

Beautiful, Nancy! I love every bit of it! And that detail about the typewriter font — goodness, so perfect!

We are so glad you are here!

Welcome to the NRP Blog! Enjoy getting to know our hearts and our work. We are so grateful you stopped by!