**Hi friends, you may have already read on social media, but in case you didn’t – Robert and I lost Moose unexpectedly not long after I drafted this blog post about him (below). We delayed the post, unsure of whether or not to share it, but ultimately we decided that these sweet memories and the lessons I learned are worth reading and remembering. Unexpected loss is never easy, but I stand by my statement below – God is good and His grace is sufficient. In His goodness, He’s allowed time to heal our hearts, and He’s given us Moose’s little half-brother, Dozer, who we love so much already. Thank you to everyone who has invested thoughts and prayers – we are so grateful. So… though he’s no longer with us, if you’d like to learn a little more about Moose, and to reflect on some words that are no less true today than they were when I wrote them, read on. **

Let me start by talking about how my husband Robert has been begging me for a dog for 4 years. And for 4 years, I’ve said, “No, not now” for a number of justifiable (in my mind) reasons. Around November, most of those things were still true, but I just decided to go out on a limb. We’re not going to be dogless forever, so if not now, when?

That’s when I got the idea to surprise Robert with a dog for Christmas. Guys, in a nutshell, I was consumed with this idea for a solid month in a not so pretty way.

I was about to give up, and then I found Moose, exactly 1 week before Christmas. He was 9 weeks old when I saw him for the first time, and he stole my heart immediately with his elephant ears and sweet cuddles and massive, clumsy paws. I brought him home to my parent’s house 2 days before Christmas, and he lived with them until Christmas morning. On Christmas morning I led Robert all over the country side on a scavenger hunt before leading him to my parent’s Christmas tree, where Moose was waiting. I’m telling you guys… that moment when Robert rounded the corner and saw Moose for the first time will go down in history as one of my favorites ever. Tears. So many tears. Robert sobbed. I ugly cried. It was a completely beautiful mess of a moment.

It wasn’t all roses, though, guys. I’m going to be honest- I had this amazing surprise, but it was accompanied by some pretty crippling anxiety. (Does that ever happen to you??) Even after I fell in love with Moose, and even after I brought him home, my anxiety completely consumed me. “What if he attacks the cats? What if they never get along? What if he bonds with my parents while they have him and not us? What are we going to do when we go out of town over New Years? What if…” It was constant and I was hyper-focused. I was anxious about making this huge decision without talking to Robert, which is reasonable, but I let it consume me, which is not reasonable. Honestly a lot of the joy in this surprise was sucked right out of me because of that anxiety; but at the end of the day, what I got – more than a sweet puppy – was a much needed reminder that God is good and His grace is sufficient even when we don’t have ears to hear it. I learned quickly that it was all so worth it and that my anxiety, as it usually is, was nothing more than an unnecessary joy-stealer.

So, life with Mr. Moose… he’s crazy, he loves to play, he’s the cuddliest thing you ever did see. He blends in with the couch, he sighs when he’s grumpy, he’s ruled by the cats, and he loves to romp around the woods. He’s incredibly smart, he’s incredibly stubborn, he loves his daddy, and so far he hasn’t met a stranger. He’s everything we wanted in a dog, and we can’t imagine life without him!

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I wish we could have met that Belle in male form! I love these photos and I think a couple could be prize winners.

Aww – this post is both so sweet and sad. Dogs hold a special places in our hearts and their losses are truly felt. And those paws……. adorable

I love this post! Thank you for sharing! He lived a sweet, happy life with you and Robert.

Thank you Ali!

Such a true and sweet post. So sorry for y’all’s loss, Elizabeth

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