Wanna know the secret to our team meetings?

Stick to a planned agenda!

Here’s a glimpse behind the exact agenda we use for every single team meeting:

NRP’s Level 10 Meeting Agenda
(as adopted from Traction)

5 Minutes – Prayer and Good News – We each share brief personal and work good news
5 Minutes – Scorecard Review – We report on our individual scorecards that we fill in weekly, where we succeeded and where we struggled
5 Minutes – Rock Review – We simply say “On Track” / “Off Track” to our quarterly “rocks” or goals
5 Minutes – People Headlines – We share positive and critical feedback we hear from clients or followers
5 Minutes – Scheduling Equipment – We added this part in! Since we are a team, we need to touch base on a regular basis about scheduling and renting equipment
55 Minutes – Issues List – We take the bulk of our time to tackle and “issues” we are currently facing. This can be anything from branding to bookings to technical questions. ANYTHING that is an issue!
5 Minutes – Action Items due by next meeting – We leave with clear individual action steps
5 Minutes – Rate this meeting on a scale of 1-10 – We each go around the room and rate the meeting!

Typical business meetings are boring, they drag out too long, they pertain to everyone else there but not me, or they feel like a waste of time.

At least that’s how I always felt, and to be honest… that’s how I ran our team meetings for a long time.

UNTIL I was introduced to a Level 10 Team Meeting!

Over the past year we have been integrating the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) into Nancy Ray Photography, and we have loved it. EOS comes from the book Traction, and it’s a simplified, thorough way to run your business. ANY business. Truly – it can be applied to a small business like mine, but there are several multi-million dollar businesses that use the same model.

It’s brilliant.

The Level 10 Team Meeting comes from EOS. This meeting agenda is one small part of EOS, and you’ll read about “Scorecards” and “Issues” and “Rocks” in this blogpost. If you want to find out more, I highly recommend reading the book Traction – or listening to it as an Audiobook!

Here are the meeting guidelines:
• Meet at the same exact time, for the same amount of time, every week.
• Follow the Agenda as outlined, being extremely respectful of time
• Come prepared, and plan to leave with action items

Once we began using this Level 10 Meeting Agenda, we all felt valued, included, and like it was a huge benefit to our team and our time – not a waste! It has been a game changer in moving our goals and our team forward.

Our favorite part of the meeting is the last section: rating the meeting! In the world of NRP, it gets a Level 10 if we covered solid content, if we started and finished on time, if we stuck to our agenda, if we had yummy food, and if someone cried (which usually happens). We always strive for a Level 10!

And because we like to make our team meetings more fun, we occasionally make it a themed meeting. We’ve done Cinco de Mayo, Halloween Costume Party, and Valentine’s.

So what are you waiting for? No matter how big or small your team is, grab a copy of Traction and implement your own Level 10 Team Meeting!

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