I wanted to do something fun and out of the norm for my birthday this year.  It’s so much fun to have a birthday on New Year’s Eve, because there is always an excuse to throw a big party! (I like to think the whole world celebrates my birthday :] ).  I had this idea when I was photographing guests at a wedding reception, using The Picture Box.  The mustaches were definitely my favorite props, and it escalated into a full out mustache theme! I kept having more and more ideas for the party, and decided it wouldn’t be a party without tons of mustaches, mustache trivia and games, mustache cupcakes and food, and… The Picture Box. I have never learned more about Mustaches in my life!  Did you know there is an American Mustache Institute? Did you know the longest mustache in the world measured 12 1/2 feet?  Will and I had so much fun putting this party together, and he hosted the games “Famous Mustaches” and “Mustache Trivia.” We counted down to the New Year, broke out in Auld Lang Syne, and had fun in The Picture Box until the wee hours of the morning.  Thanks to everyone who came to make me feel special and loved – I wish you the happiest 2011!

The first criteria of my party?  When you arrived, you had to get a mugshot…

I think the Willix family had the best all around mustaches – I especially loved Michelle’s glitter ‘stache!

They love our pup :]

Best idea of the night! ::

My mom is on the right, and my aunt on the left.  I have to say, mom’s mustache took the cake for best mustache of the evening.  Perfection!

The gentlemen :

The ladies :

The Winston!

Before the Mustache Bash was in full swing, my sister called me begging to video chat.  Although they live in Nashville and couldn’t be here for the bash, they were still a part of the party!  When I opened up my video chat window, this is what I saw :

Her whole family had mustaches on! It was the cutest thing ever, and it made my day!

It was a fabulous birthday party… I couldn’t have been happier!  I am officially 24 and loving it; and very happy to embrace 2011! Thanks again to all who made New Year’s Eve so special.

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[…] for being a part of her life!  Last year we had a big party called the "Musache Bash!" […]

HAHA that was ridiculous! Awesome photos I especially like the kid with the handlebars over his real beard. Great job and i’m looking forward to more posts!

i love your dress! where is it from!?

This. Looks. So. Fun. John and I want to come next year!!

This is a great idea!! Love it!

HAHA!!! i laughed out loud at the one with everyone’s hair over their face. that is hilarious! 😀

oooo, my favorite is winston getting his mustache. so cute! gotta meet him soon before he’s gigantic!

LOVE IT, Nancy! I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Best. Idea. Ever! My favorites are the hair over the faces!

I loved looking at these photos… and all of your work! You have such fantastic ideas! I love how you take an idea and run with it… something as simple and mundane (seemingly) as mustaches became what seems to be a blast of a party! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Very cute, love this party idea! Happy birthday and new year to you!

Seriously this is the coolest idea ever. Just hilarious. I so enjoyed seeing all the pics… the mug shot of your mom is just priceless!!! Mary Lindsey’s photos at the end though had me laughing out loud… that is so funny that they dressed up all the kiddos with mustaches!!

just incredible. your mom is awesome!

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