as i mentioned yesterday, my best friend heather was married to the wonderful brian wilson on july 18th. before you can understand what a big deal this was, you have to understand my group of best friends.  i’ve never seen another group of best friends like us.  sisterhood of the traveling pants has nothing on us.  seriously.  we always have said we could write a book about what the four of us have gone through together and we could make millions.  maybe we should get on that…

we call ourselves “the minkies.”  
me, sam, heather, & jess.  

how we first started calling ourselves this i really don’t remember… it stemmed from my  friend’s cat that was named “minki” (which is another story in itself!) but i’m not quite sure how it stuck.  actually, i think other people started calling us that first.  

anyhow, each of these girls has had such a powerful impact on my life; i know i’ll never be the same because of them.  every year, we have “minki thanksgiving” and “minki christmas.”  every time we can get the four of us together, we jump on it. we have had countless stay-up-late-nights-until-you-laugh-so-hard-you-pee-your-pants.  we have cried really really hard together.  when i was scared to preform, they pushed me to do my best.  they are all freakishly talented. we were even in a band together.  it’s seriously amazing to just sit here and think back on everything we’ve been through together… i could write for hours.

so this is why heather’s wedding was really more of an emotional day then i expected… i was the first of the minkies to be married, so i thought when #2 came along i would be all smiles because marriage has been so amazing to me!  i was and still am SO excited for heather, but it was hard to let her go at the same time.  i cried most of the day – a mixture of tears of joy and sadness.  joy because she is getting MARRIED and i couldn’t be more happy for her!  sadness because she has moved to atlanta, and i feel like it’s getting harder and harder for the four of us to get together.  but i know it will happen.  we’ll make it happen.  

honestly, being in a wedding made me realize all over again that this is why i do what i do.  i want to capture those tears, those emotions, those friendships and family bonds that can’t really be explained in words.  those moments where you are so happy for the other person that you just can’t help but look at how beautiful they are and cry, no matter how hard you try not to.  this is why i love wedding photography so much.  it’s not just about how beautiful the day is, but it’s about how the people, the relationships, and the emotions are beautiful.

so, with that, i will share the a photo of the four of us from her sweet and beautiful wedding. heather and brian, i really am so happy for you and i can’t wait to go on double-married-dates!  congratulations, & i love you minki!


sam – heather – me – jess

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you all are the true essence of what best friends are. i love you each little preshy minkies!

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