I have spent the first 3 days of last week seeking Jesus with fellow women, believers, entrepreneurs, and mamas. The Faith Retreat was something God put on my heart along with my friend Lara 3 years ago, simply because we felt like entrepreneurs who are believers can often be lonely. We got lonely. So we sent an email invitation to a handful of other women entrepreneurs who follow Jesus, and were so surprised at how many “Yeses!” we got. Then we came together, and the Lord showed up.


We’ve gotten several questions about our Faith Retreat over the last week, so I thought it best to be an open book and share all about it here!

How did you come up with the name Faith Retreat?
Honestly, we couldn’t think of anything super creative! We knew it wanted to be centered on our Faith – not on us, our problems or our businesses. We wanted to seek Jesus, so we figured we wouldn’t spend a ton of time on a fancy name and would just call it the Faith Retreat.

Where did you host it?
The lovely Fearrington Village

How did you know who to invite?
We didn’t! God put this retreat on mine and Lara’s heart several years ago, and we prayed together about it. We jotted down a list of names, and as we did we asked God to reveal who we should invite. The names just came to us, so we invited them! Not everyone could come, and that was perfectly okay. We just knew that we wanted to keep it small, so we didn’t invite more than 12.

Is this retreat exclusive, or is it open to anyone?
We kept this as an invite-only retreat, not because we wanted it to be exclusive or we wanted others to feel left out, but simply because we felt like God wanted us to keep it small.

Was it expensive?
We kept this as inexpensive as possible, while still knowing we wanted a relaxing space for the retreat that could accommodate our setting, our teaching, and our fellowship without distraction. We did it at cost, we did not want to make a profit, so that it would be easiest for all of us to show up.

What was the purpose?
To allow us to learn from one anther, to be built up in our faith, to rest, and to never be able to say “I’m all alone” again. The enemy likes for us to think we are alone, and it’s just not true.

What was the schedule like?
I’m glad you asked! You can see our full schedule if you scroll down below.

What topics did you cover, and how did you decide?
We asked everyone to pray about the topic they felt God put on their hearts individually, then show up and teach on it. It worked out beautifully. Some of the topics included Praying Scripture, Carrying one another’s burdens, Meditation, your Thought Life, Journaling, Studying God’s Word with the Blue Letter Bible.

Could I do this myself?
I say why not! We don’t want anyone to feel left out or discouraged, but we want to empower you and simply say, YOU COULD DO THIS TOO. It was a little nerve-wracking sending out the invites, but once we went through the motions and did it, God did something really special. My advice if you go about doing this yourself:

– Pray about the people you invite
– Show up ready to be real and honest (no faking anything)
– Price everything out before hand, so you have an accurate estimate of all the costs (not including travel) in the initial invite email
– Allow God to change the schedule and stay relaxed about it
– If you know someone who can come lead worship the last night, invite them to lead! We kept that in mind when creating our budget
– Have one person receive all the money for the retreat, do all the scheduling / reserving, and pay for all restaurant bills. Makes it simple.

The Faith Retreat Itinerary

February 19th
6:00 Optional dinner out
Dessert / hang out in the Garden Room / Bedtime at leisure!

February 20th
9:00 Breakfast
10:00 Lesson 1: Lara
10:30 Lesson 2: Karen
11:00 Worship
1:00 Lunch at the Goat with “pivotal moments” testimonies – Gina, Kaitlin, Shay. These are 10 minute opportunities for you to share about a time God worked in your life in a pivotal way. This could be your testimony or anything that has been refining for you. Help us understand God’s power through what He has done in your life.
2:00 Lesson 3: Renee
2:30 Lesson 4: Ashlee
3:00 Optional Walk / Free Time
4:00 Tea Time!
4:30 Lesson 5: Gina
7:00 Dinner out
9:00 Prayer time in the Garden House

February 21st
7:15 Optional workout time at the Wellness Center – or sleep in or take a walk around the grounds
9:00 Breakfast
10:00 Lesson 6: Nancy
10:30 Lesson 7: Cheyenne
11:00 Free Time / Nap Time
1:00 Lunch at the Goat with “pivotal moments” testimonies – Renee, Lara, Cheyenne. These are 10 minute opportunities for you to share about a time God worked in your life in a pivotal way. This could be your testimony or anything that has been refining for you. Help us understand God’s power through what He has done in your life.
2:00 Lesson 8: Shay
2:30 Solitude Time – find a quiet space to seek the Lord, to nap, to REST.
4:00 Lesson 9: Kaitlin
4:30 Lesson 10: Carrie
6:00 Fancy Dinner at the Granary Fearrington Restaurant
8:00 Worship in the Garden House

February 22nd
9:00 Breakfast + Travel Day

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Please tell me you plan on doing this again! Would love to attend!

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sounds amazing, sign me up!

[…] Faith Retreat! I was just so blessed to join a few women for a few days, leaning into hard places, speaking truth to one another, praying for one another and getting to watch God work. You can read more about the retreat here. […]

What an incredible time together. Your desire to gather and lead hearts to Jesus is beautiful and contagious Nancy Ray. I can’t help but thing of how much you make your Daddy smile!

I love this! Thanks for sharing. :)

What a wonderful idea for a retreat! It sounds amazing – and I’m sure you all came away with hearts and minds fully open to receive God’s grace. I need to start a retreat like this at my church :)

We are so glad you are here!

Welcome to the NRP Blog! Enjoy getting to know our hearts and our work. We are so grateful you stopped by!