At Nancy Ray Photography, we believe in creating a legacy with how we live our lives and in the way we capture yours! We exist to capture and preserve your beautiful legacy. We count it a privilege to photograph seasons of life, delivering images and heirlooms that will forever live in the homes of families for generations to come.

My grandfather, Dr. John Wesley Nance was a family physician in the small town of Clinton, NC. “Papa” made tremendous waves with his humble life. He loved his wife, he had 5 children (including my mama), he delivered over 3,000 babies, he taught his family how to sing together, and he left my grandmother well over 1 million dollars upon his death. In my mind, he is the epitome of the word “legacy.” He inspired this product and this shop. The letters that he wrote to me and his other 10 grandchildren before he went to heaven are some of my most treasured possessions. I still sing his folk songs to my little girl as she falls asleep every night. The strong legacy you will leave is not your stuff, your investments, or any assets. The strongest legacy you will leave is found in your faith, in your character, in who you are. Those are things I love most about Papa.

He prioritized, he planned and he followed through.


Today we’ve launched a brand new product in the shop to help you prepare for and preserve your legacy!


With this 44 page PDF guide, you will have the most important, tangible parts of your legacy organized in 12 months. This guide is for those who want to prioritize the important over the urgent, but who might need a game plan to help them execute those important tasks.

This guide is not a quick fix or an easy project. It is thorough, interactive, and prioritized in an order that will best assist you in completing every important step. Each month includes weekly checklists, so each important task is broken down in a way that is manageable for your busy schedule today.

A few important things this guide will cover? Making sure you have a will in place. Organizing your photos and heirlooms. Writing letters to those who mean the most to you. Making sure the important information regarding your assets are clear and on paper. And finally, compiling all of these important items and putting them in one safe place.

Don’t you want everything you’ve worked so hard for to be cared for well after you are gone? Stewarding your belongings on earth while keeping your eyes on the kingdom of heaven takes intentionality and hard work. Leaving a legacy means making time for what’s important here and now!

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Do you still offer the one-year legacy guide? I couldn’t find it in your shop.

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