Tate Twins Film Newborn Session

There are so many thoughts flying around in my head as I look at these photos, I have to just lay them all out for you.

1. If you haven’t read their birth story, go back and do that now. These babies are miracles and I need you to know that.
2. Elizabeth (Ibis as I like to call her) is a natural mama. Laid back and calm, it is NO WONDER why the Lord chose her to be the mama of twins. I was in awe the entire session. She was pure joy.
3. I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun at a newborn session because of a certain new dad. Robert Tate, thanks for having the most serious face ever and for making me laugh. You are the most protective big bear daddy and hubby, and it is NO WONDER why the Lord chose you to be the daddy of twins.
4. Little Ava is tiny and sassy and precious. Hungry… she’s also hungry. She’s strong and opinionated and I just adore her. She looks like mama, acts like daddy.
5. Little Jack is laid back and care free. Yes.. he’s hungry too. But he’s a sleepy champion and is like his mama in SO many ways. He looks like his daddy.
6. I love how relaxed this session was. I was nervous… she has been our family photographer for so many years I wanted to give her perfect photos. But in true Elizabeth style, she was so laid back and grateful… it made the experience so sweet and fun.
7. That giraffe. I can’t. It’s the cutest.
8. The first image in this blogpost…. my favorite image I’ve ever taken of you, Elizabeth Tate. Holding your babies, laughing, head on your husband’s shoulder. THE BEST.
9. Remember that time we took photos on the mountainside of each other in college? Random, I know. But it’s fun to think back to memories like that and see God’s faithfulness.
10. I can’t wait to hear the nicknames they come up with. They are the BEST nickname family. To get a flavor, click here.

I love you, Tates. So, so much.

Film Processing: Indie Film Lab






























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  • I LOVE these!!! They are so cute! Congratulations to the family!

  • Love love love! When I see these photos, I am so filled with light and joy. As a fellow twin mama with littles just a few months ahead and thousands of miles away (we’ve never met but I feel like we have), I cannot help but sing...
    L is for the way you look at me (How cute are mom and dad?)
    O is for the only one(s) I see (Jack and Ava totally steal the show)
    V is very very, extraordinary (What an extraordinary gift from above- TWO bundles of joy!)
    E is even more than anyone that you adore can

    Love is all that I can give to you
    Love is more than just a game for two (now it’s a party of four!)
    Two in love can make it
    Take my heart but please don't break it
    Love was made for me and you

    Cheers Tate family!

  • Jamie T said:

    I can't wait to meet these sweet babies!!!

  • dcocle said:

    Thanks a lot for the post.Really thank you! Much obliged.

  • Alan said:

    Your Photos are great inspiration!