I will never ever forget January 2, 2018. Two miracles joined us, and I was there to capture every moment.

A little backstory: I want you to hear me when I say they are MIRACLES. Elizabeth, their warrior mama, has been praying for these babies for YEARS. Elizabeth was my college roommate, and a member of the NRP Team for 5 years. I remember praying with her 2 years ago on 10 mile run when we were training for our half marathon… they had been trying to have babies for a long time. They were at a crossroads, and had just started seeing an infertility specialist. Trips to the infertility doctor became normal, weekly. They got pregnant, and grieved a loss. Got pregnant again, and grieved another loss. It was a hard, long road.

Elizabeth – the same mama who I cried with in my kitchen when I heard the news of her first loss, the same mama who I cried with in the NRP studio on the couch again with the news of her second loss… ELIZABETH is the SAME MAMA who carried twins and delivered them vaginally at 38 weeks and 1 day.


And another part of this miracle? My side of the story!

First: I had been told from the very start I would NOT be allowed in the delivery room. Period. Because Twins must be delivered in the OR, photographers aren’t allowed in. Well, I was praying and hoping and asking (I asked so many people, ha!) if I could be in there. I told her nurses that she photographed my baby coming into the world a few months back, and goodness I would love to do the same for her.

Second: I was in Nashville, TN on January 2nd – the day the babies were born. I was visiting my sister and mama for my birthday, and rescheduled my flights at the last minute so I could fly home with my girls early to be there for the induction! I was so nervous I was going to miss it, but thankfully I arrived at the hospital at 2:30pm and things were progressing slowly. I spent the afternoon checking on Robert and Elizabeth, eating m&m’s in the lobby with Robert’s parents, eating dinner with Elizabeth’s parents and SIL Megan, and things began to change. Around 8pm.

She got her epidural, her water broke shortly after, and Elizabeth got serious. We all know that means babies are coming soon!

Around 10, she was fully dilated and ready to push! She did a few pushes in the L&D room, which I was so thankful for because I wanted some pushing images since I knew I’d miss the actual births. Then it was time to go to the OR!

I asked ONE MORE TIME: Is there any way I can come with?

The nurse looked at me and smiled, handing me a full set of scrubs. She said “One person can come in with you.”

I was SO happy, but Elizabeth’s poor mama was standing right next to me (who I love and adore, by the way) and she said, “But I wanted to come too! It was supposed to be me!” She was heartbroken, and rightly so. She was the grandma!

It was an impossible decision for Elizabeth – her photographer or her mama. We were all in emotional turmoil! It was happy and sad at the same time…

And then the nurse walked in with ANOTHER SET OF SCRUBS. Y’all, these nurses were the sweetest. We had the favor of God with us, and both Elizabeth’s Mama AND myself got to be in the delivery room!!!

So many miracles!

Elizabeth was incredible. She delivered TWO babies back to back – and she rocked it. Robert…. I have no words for Robert. New dad, through and through. An emotional mess. SO in love. I think I love the photos I took of him more than anything.

Like I said – I’ll never, ever forget January 2nd. What a day of miracles.

Ava and Jack, your Auntie Nancy loves you a whole whole lot. Get ready for me taking a whole lotta photos of you throughout your lives!






































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OH Cousin!!!! These are SOOOO beautiful! All of them! So raw, so real, so precious. Miracles! I love you!

Oh my!!! What emotional photos! I love the ones of the babies with mama and dad. Praise God for a healthy delivery, and YES! Those nurses are true angels!

Oh be still my heart. First of all, Elizabeth your story is beautiful. I know it has been such a long road to get here but goodness girl you were made to be a momma. I adore you friend! AND Nancy. These photos. Oh my word! I am absolutely speechless. The emotion you captured is outstanding. I think these photos are my favorite you have ever taken! You have such a gift friend. Thank you for sharing these with us. What a testament of the Lord!

Oh goodness, how beautiful!! I was crying by the end of the first paragraph! Elizabeth, you have never looked more beautiful! Congratulations on the birth of your sweet babes and on being a rockstar momma!!

Oh my stars, the photo of Robert holding his sweet precious child, with the nurse looking on, brought me to my knees.

We are so glad you are here!

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