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The WHY Behind a Team& our Top 5 Team Resources

The WHY Behind a Team
It was 2012, and Will and I were sitting across from each other in a coffee shop, discussing the big-picture future of Nancy Ray Photography. We were at a crossroad, trying to decide if we wanted to stay the “husband - wife team” route that most photographers took, or if we wanted to take a risk and hire associate photographers to form a team. We were nervous, and [...]

NRP AcademyBehind the Scenes

NRP Academy
In August, the NRP extended team got together for a day of training, critiquing and growing as a team of photographers! Our team strongly believes that we should never stop learning, however throughout the years of training and growing we have never all come together as a team to critique and learn about how to continue to become better photographers. This is why I cr[...]