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Izzy’s Summer Internship Experience

Izzy's Summer Internship Experience
This was the first year that we decided to offer a summer internship and I am so grateful for our wonderful intern, Izzy! Our team has a lot going on his season - Nancy's maternity leave, Elizabeth learning that she's expecting twins, temporarily moving our NRP Studio to my parent's house for a month, shooting tons of weddings and sessions, and working towards some ex[...]

Meet our Spring 2017 Intern Anna!

Meet our Spring 2017 Intern Anna!
Today I am so excited to introduce you to our wonderful 2017 Spring Intern, Anna! From the beginning of our interview process, we were blown away by Anna's heart of gold and her amazing servant's heart! She has been working with us in the studio for about 4 weeks now and has been such a wonderful addition to our team. Anna is intentional with her words and actions, an[...]

Cassie’s Intern Experience

Cassie's Intern Experience
Sweet Cassie has been such a blessing to the NRP Team for the past couple of months and we are so thankful for her loyal servant's heart! I'm excited to let her tell you a little bit about what she has learned through her intern experience! Take it away Cassie! I blinked and we are here! I cannot believe I am wrapping up my NRP internship. My heart is full and I am[...]

Meet Cassie, Our Fall Intern

Meet Cassie, Our Fall Intern
In the past we have hired our interns by season, but this year we decided that it would be more efficient for us to hire both a spring and fall intern in the same round of interviews. We had so many wonderful applicants and felt confident that we could choose two great interns from one pool, instead of doing another call and round of interviews in the summer for our f[...]

Annie – Intern Experience

Annie - Intern Experience
I love this picture so much. Annie is in her element y'all - the bride's veil wrapped around her neck, bonding with this little flower girl and showing her a picture of her own daughter, Mara Kate on her phone. Annie is one of a kind and the NRP team has been overflowing with love for her from the moment we met her. To me, this picture describes Annie perfectly. She's[...]