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Tate Twins Birth

Tate Twins Birth
I will never ever forget January 2, 2018. Two miracles joined us, and I was there to capture every moment. A little backstory: I want you to hear me when I say they are MIRACLES. Elizabeth, their warrior mama, has been praying for these babies for YEARS. Elizabeth was my college roommate, and a member of the NRP Team for 5 years. I remember praying with her 2 year[...]

Lyndon’s Birth Story Part 2

Lyndon's Birth Story Part 2
To Read Lyndon's Birth Story Part One, click here. 8:05PM We got checked in, made it to the room, and the nurse checked me: 7 centimeters! I was pretty thrilled about that! I labored in the bed with the heart monitor strapped around my belly. Goodness labor was intense at this point. I remember feeling hot, and my prepared mama busted out her Americ[...]

Lyndon’s Birth Story Part 1

Lyndon's Birth Story Part 1
Beautiful pictures that we will treasure forever by Elizabeth Tate. 3:30PM on July 25th I had just woken up from a nap. I was already on maternity leave, It was 4 days before my due date, and I had been chasing my 2 year old Milly around all morning. I felt mild cramps, and then they would subside. "Could this be it?" I laid there for 30 minutes, praying, timing the[...]