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Tate Twins Birth

Tate Twins Birth
I will never ever forget January 2, 2018. Two miracles joined us, and I was there to capture every moment. A little backstory: I want you to hear me when I say they are MIRACLES. Elizabeth, their warrior mama, has been praying for these babies for YEARS. Elizabeth was my college roommate, and a member of the NRP Team for 5 years. I remember praying with her 2 year[...]

Lyndon’s Birth Story Part 2

Lyndon's Birth Story Part 2
To Read Lyndon's Birth Story Part One, click here. 8:05PM We got checked in, made it to the room, and the nurse checked me: 7 centimeters! I was pretty thrilled about that! I labored in the bed with the heart monitor strapped around my belly. Goodness labor was intense at this point. I remember feeling hot, and my prepared mama busted out her Americ[...]

Lyndon’s Birth Story Part 1

Lyndon's Birth Story Part 1
Beautiful pictures that we will treasure forever by Elizabeth Tate. 3:30PM on July 25th I had just woken up from a nap. I was already on maternity leave, It was 4 days before my due date, and I had been chasing my 2 year old Milly around all morning. I felt mild cramps, and then they would subside. "Could this be it?" I laid there for 30 minutes, praying, timing the[...]

Milly’s Birth Story | Part Two

Milly's Birth Story | Part Two
Read Part One of Milly's birth story Here. Beautiful Photos by my dear friend Cheyenne Schultz. Thank you. We will treasure these forever. We checked into the hospital around 11pm. I had lost all concept of time, and everything at this point everything is very fuzzy in my memory. I was completely in a different place mentally and physically, focusing all of my energy[...]

Milly’s Birth Story | Part One

Milly's Birth Story | Part One
Beautiful Photos by my dear friend Cheyenne Schultz. Thank you. We will treasure these forever. I didn't fully realize what a life changing experience Milly's birth would be. I have learned to surrender my plans to the Lord's throughout my pregnancy, and I learned to surrender to Him in a very real way during Milly's birth. To provide a bit of context to my story, we[...]

Evelyn Fitzpatrick’s Birth

Evelyn Fitzpatrick's Birth
I got word that Jenn was in labor as I was pulling into my driveway late on Saturday night, just getting into town, and right as Nancy was packing her bags to head out of town. Thankfully, we thought this may happen, and had decided ahead of time to tag team Jenn and Ford's birth session in case either of us were out of town. Just like that - I was on duty and com[...]