I will never forget this sweet day.

We found ourselves with no plans on a Sunday afternoon, which is rare for us. Usually, Sundays are full of 2 church services, lunch, and a Bible study or two in the evening.  It’s also our laundry day and planning day. Our home is also usually a bit disheveled after being away shooting a wedding on Saturday, so tidying up and staying busy it our usual routine.

But not this day!


We went to church that morning, then decided to plan out our unexpected day-to-ourselves so we would be intentional with our rest and time together. After lunch, we went to pick fresh strawberries on a local farm! It was so relaxing to just spend time together in the sunshine. I’m so glad I brought my camera with me.


We returned home, washed the strawberries, made our favorite dinner (fiery fish tacos!), and watched our new favorite movie: About Time. This movie. Honestly – I haven’t seen a movie this good in ages. As tears were streaming down my face a few hours later as the credits rolled, I was overcome with gratitude for my life. For our lives, together. For this gift we are given every day. (I don’t want to spoil the movie, so you should just see it for yourself!)


I want to slow down and have more days like these. Part of what made this day so special was the fact that we are so busy right now. Between our 2 demanding jobs, life can be downright exhausting. But as Will’s job changes and life takes on a different pace these next few months, I’ve decided to stop and try to appreciate every moment. Busyness will be a constant option in life.  Slowing down has to be an intentional choice these days – a choice that’s not always an easy one. I’m willing to fight for it – to create more days with space like this one.


Note to self (and my photographer friends out there): bring your camera with you more often. You’re really good at capturing everyone else’s life. Make time to document your own. You won’t regret it!



We’re all traveling through time together, every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride.
-“Tim” in About Time

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About Time was such a great movie! What a fun Sunday!

This looks so fun! I think I will see if there are any local farms near where I live and do this too! Good to know “About Time” is good! I’ve been meaning to see it!

OOOH!! I’ve wanted to see this movie! Rachel McAdams is one of my absolute favorites. Glad to hear it’s a must see! :)
Beautiful pictures and so sweet that you were able to capture a fun day together on camera.

Hi Nancy! The link you posted to Lyon Farms actually goes to the website for a pumpkin farm in Tennessee! I think this is the link you meant to share:

Can’t wait to visit there! The strawberries look delicious!

I LOVED “About Time”! So good!!!! I love this blog post, too. :)

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