this wedding was special. i know every wedding is special, but when i have the opportunity to photograph a dear friend’s wedding, every tear & every moment means more.  there were plenty of moments when i was hiding my tears behind my camera, because of the warmth of this bride and groom’s love for one another.

stephanie and jarrod are perfect for one another.  stephanie is 1 of 3 girls in her family; jarrod is 1 of 3 boys. both are the “middle child.”  they make one another laugh, they calm one another down. they have remarkable support from their (rather large!) families, and it’s obvious that they will always be surrounded with encouraging people who love to have fun.  each of their parents have been married for close to 30 years! everything about this wedding was so sweet and filled with love, and on top of that… it was gorgeous! they did a beautiful job with the peacock theme, and the newlyweds make a beautiful couple.

the entire morning was sprinkled with excitement and tears! everyone kept saying that it was such a surreal day, almost like it was a dream. as soon as stephanie’s dad peaked in to see his daughter, tears filled his eyes and everyone else’s. i love this shot of stephanie’s parents in awe of her beauty!

the wedding gifts were so sweet! jarrod did an awesome job getting stephanie exactly what she wanted! it was the perfect surprise.

below: i love this shot during a sweet time of prayer.

these flowers were incredible!  every color really popped:

below: the bridesmaids accessories were some of my favorites i have ever photographed! look at those dresses, hair pieces, and SHOES! i think i’m going to go buy some…

the guys were so much fun to photograph. they laughed a lot, and they were awesome to keep on smiling in that heat!

i love these two different perspectives of stephanie being escorted down the aisle by her dad:

what a beautiful day! check back in soon for part 2!

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The pictures look AMAZING. I love looking at pictures and feeling as though I am reliving the day all over again. Nancy you are so good at what you do ;).

These are so beautiful, and the colors are amazing. You’ve captured so many emotions!! Can’t wait to see more!

The very last picture is wonderful!!!!! (They all are reaaaallly). How do I order prints?

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