Hello, friends! It’s Thursday, and if you remember from the Contentment Challenge, I am popping in each Thursday on my blog to encourage everyone who is participating (including muah). I don’t know about you, but I have found so much freedom already. I think the biggest gift so far has been that I don’t get so easily distracted. For instance, I would be in Target for groceries, but I would get distracted with the new stuff in the home decor aisle. Now, I don’t even walk over there, knowing I already have everything I need. I used to be in a certain part of town and think “Oh, Anthropologie is over here, so I just have to see what they have in the sale section.” Now, I don’t waste my time! I stay efficient and on task. The fear of “missing out” has left me, and I have so much more perspective knowing I. Don’t. Need. Anything. Now that buying new stuff is not even an option, I am focusing so much more on what matters, on sticking to my tasks, on not wasting time.

I also have a huge pile of clothes I’m still sorting to give away, and I’m pretty excited to deliver those in the next week!
Giving stuff away > Buying new stuff.

In light of this challenge, I decided to simply look up the definition of Contentment. I love what I found.

The example following the definition read, He found contentment in living a simple life in the country. Can I get an AMEN?! I want contentment living a simple life in the country! Okay okay, I live in a neighborhood in North Raleigh, but I’m a country girl at heart. (I grew up riding horses and visiting my Grandparent’s house in the small town of Clinton, in rural NC.) And the point is this : I want to life in a state of satisfaction, wherever I am in life.

So, if you’ve joined us, I’m SO glad you have! I have been so inspired by the Instagram community who have faithfully used the hashtag #contentmentchallenge and have shared so many books, podcasts, verses, and resources to encourage others. Keep it up, friends! Embrace the freedom that contentment brings.
What have been your victories and challenges so far? Comment away! I want to HEAR how you are doing, because we will all be inspired by it. So don’t be silent. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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Hi, Nancy!

Thank you so much for the encouragement. I started the Contentment Challenge on April 1, 2015 right after MTH. And, I totally agree with you – it’s amazing the freedom I’ve found! Knowing that I’m sticking to this Challenge and how important it is to my core, it’s been so easy to say NO to stuff that I don’t need. Which really surprised me, to be honest! I have also started keeping a Gratitude journal next to my bed to post in at night & I love how it’s changed my attitude. Thank you so much for all your encouragement! Hugs!

I am so happy to be participating in the challenge. I will admit I have had one little meltdown… we had our family photos done last Friday and I could have pre-brought something for the session before the challenge started, but I wanted to challenge myself to wear what we have. So, yes the night before I had dumped out half my closet and wailed that I had nothing, but when I think about others, I do have so much. I loved our images and am happy that I did not cave and buy something new. I also had cleaned out half my closet in January and took out another quarter last week. Thank you for the post check in!

Love that mantra “I. Don’t. Need. Anything.”

I’m doing a modified version of your contentment challenge. Inspired by your previous financial freedom posts, I have budgeted everything (literally). Inspired by Lara Casey, I have set heart-driven goals, one of which is only buying things I love (not ‘like’, not ‘it’ll do’). I am clearing the clutter, giving away, and only keeping what I need.

But I cannot tell you how nice it is to know that others are simplifying and refraining from ‘stuff overdrive’. I don’t set foot into shops that I don’t need anything from. I’m turning the TV off as often as I can. I will make some purchases in the coming months, but they will be very thoughtful ones, and I’m going to keep your lovely words of encouragement in the back of my head. I love being inspired by you.

Looking forward to next Thursday’s post already.

Yay! The contentment challenge has actually saved me a decent amount of time with my e-mail and social media. I subscribe to a few promotional newsletters from brands I love so that I can get coupons and discounts, but now when they run sales I don’t have to stop and think about the costs and benefits of whether I should make a purchase, if I need the item, or if I should just wait till later… I just hit “delete!” And I just scroll right past special offers on social media. It’s kind of fabulous!

Nancy I am so glad that you posted today! I was just thinking yesterday wow I can’t believe how easy it has been not to shop and then I realized that it had only been 10 days!

I decided to spend my time and energy really working on my art business and it has been amazing how much I have accomplished in such a short time! Instead of getting lost for hours in daily deals and boutique sales in my email and facebook I have been able to come up with ideas for new paintings and products. I have to admit that I have bought items for the business since this is my first season at the craft market and I was not completely prepared before the challenge began. I have been much more mindful my purchases and making sure it will enhance my booth at the farmers market. I also have turned to freecycle, craigslist and thrift stores for some items instead of the big box stores that I am used to using!

I am so excited to continue on this journey and find contentment without stuff!!!

We are so glad you are here!

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