This year, I had the joy of photographing Southern Weddings Magazine’s Southern Surcees for the second time! (See V5’s Surcees here, where my great dane Winston made his famous debut!)  I arrived at the Southern Weddings Office to photograph all of these lovelies, and our day went a little something like this:


• Arrive with Callie, begin to setup. All the SW ladies offer us something to drink, while hustling and bustling around. Lara is styling cakes on the porch, Emily and Nicole are organizing props on the table, Lisa has the checklist ready to go, the interns are ironing the backdrops. We roll up our sleeves, grab a step ladder, and get started.

• We begin shooting, and we preform various stunts (like this and this) to get “the shot!” (Thanks to sweet Emily who is always willing to do anything, no matter what! And thanks to Callie for holding the reflector perfectly all. day. long!)

• I eat the PB&J sandwich after we shoot it. Callie has a cookie. We all try a lollipop. Lara sends us each home with a poundcake to enjoy. 

• We each try to decide our favorite Surcee, and then we decide that’s just impossible. We just decide we want one of everything. 

• A few more hours of shooting goes by. My back is a bit tired, and I almost fall off the step ladder right into the Surcee I am photographing. Thankfully, Callie and Emily catch me and steady me! The shoot continues…

• Lisa steps in a an apron model! Emily steps in as a boot model!

• We eat more cookies as Lara plays with Grace, checks in on everything, then continues her work upstairs. 

• We call it a day in the late afternoon! We give out hugs, say our goodbyes, and take home lots of sweets to enjoy.

• I deliver a poundcake (with all the flowers on top) to a neighbor, and I save one for me and Will to enjoy. 

• A few months later, I squeal with excitement as I look through V6 and see the lovely Surcees and remember that sweet day. What an honor, and what a joy!


Now it’s your time to decide. What’s your favorite Surcee? Or maybe your top 3, if you’re like us and you can’t decide!? Be sure to also stop by the Southern Weddings Blog today to leave a comment and read their post on the V6 Surcees!

















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