I can’t believe it’s Contentment Thursday already! This past week presented many challenges and victories for me. First, you must know that our neighborhood had a huge yard sale last Saturday that I really wanted to participate in. Will and I decided to casually drive around to see all the action around 11am, when everyone would be packing up, and only hop out of the car if he saw golf clubs for sale. He did not find any golf clubs, but he did find something very sweet: a Pottery Barn Christmas pillow-case for me. (He’s a pretty awesome negotiator, so he talked them down to $6. Score!) So, he gave me my first gift on the Contentment Challenge. I have a sweet hubby. I promise I did not ask him to! I mentioned I thought it was adorable, then said, “I really don’t need it.” I stayed strong, friends!

I also wanted to give you an update to the April Challenge. I successfully cleaned out my closet (see the giant mess below) and sorted my give-away clothes into piles: One pile for my Nicaragua Missions Trip this summer, one pile for Consignment clothes to re-sell, and one pile for With Love from Jesus, a wonderful ministry here in Raleigh. I packed up my car and headed downtown to donate my clothes and drop off a load at consignment. I also had a bunch of household items I was getting rid of.

When I arrived at WLFJ, a hispanic man and a woman were picking up some items for their home. God pressed it on my heart to ask the woman if she wanted a pretty plate and bowl serving set I was giving away, so I did. She didn’t speak English, but her smile was so big when I said, “Quieres?” She nodded her head and took it.

I dropped off my other belongings, and began to drive away to consignment. Looking in my rearview mirror, seeing the formal designer dresses, the Lord pressed on my heart to stop the car and donate them. So I did. What a sweet feeling it is to know that someone who really needs to feel beautiful will be wearing those dresses! I thought it would be hard, but it was like a breath of fresh air.

Friends, it truly is better to give than receive. If you haven’t yet, do it. Give your clothes and stuff away. Schedule it in your busy life. Clear the clutter and put it in a home that will love and cherish it.

More than ever, I believe there is beauty in simplicity! The less stuff I have, the more I feel I can breathe and enjoy life. To be honest, I am really loving this challenge so far. And I’m almost done memorizing April’s verses.

How are y’all doing? Leave some love in the comments!

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I’m going back through your contentment challenge posts for encouragement and I had to comment on this one! I just did the same thing to my closet! I had every intention of selling my stuff, but then I asked myself…am I cleaning out my closet for myself or to give to others? So I donated everything instead. You are right, it feels SO refreshing. I am so thankful for your words and sharing heart!

Nancy, I love this.
I’m joining you guys in the challenge now and just posted on my blog all about it. This is exciting! Thank you so much for the inspiration!!!

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Beautifully said, Nancy! Our God is Jehovan Jireh & will provide all we need. What a blessing it is to then give & share what He has provided to others!

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