Happy September, friends! This is certainly one of my favorite months of the year. You better believe I’ll be wearing scarves and boots and drinking apple cider, even though it’s probably going to be 80 degrees. I don’t care, because I love the fall! And to be honest, I am ready for September. I need a fresh start.

August was a difficult month for me. I’ve face health challenges that have really slowed me down and forced me to trust the Lord. I didn’t reach a lot of my goals. I didn’t  take 2 swim lessons because I had a sinus infection for 2 weeks. I didn’t learn 2 new worship songs on the guitar, because I had a cyst removed from my wrist and I could not play. I did actually buy a new seat for my roadbike, but I injured my knee on it after riding 6 miles without a proper bike fitting. I’ve given up participating in a triathlon this year (which is hard for me – it was a big 2013 goal) because of my ankle injury. I haven’t run in 2 months, and I love running.  August was challenging, but the Lord has been speaking to me through it all:

Trust me. 
Rest in me.
My strength is made perfect in your weakness.

While August was tough (at one point I had an ankle brace, a wrist brace, I was limping with a bad knee and I had lost my voice!), I am ready for new beginnings. My sister flew in and surprised me for my 5 year celebration, and she and I talked a lot about how we can make the most of this beautiful life. Encouraged by Lara’s #SavorSeptember, Sissy and I made a list of all the ways we can really make the most of this beautiful life we have – starting with this month. So, my September goals are a bit different. It’s all about taking time to do things that will allow me to really savor each moment.

His mercies are new every morning. Hallelujah! Here’s to September!

September Goals

Read 15 in 12: Wheat Belly
Be diligent with my ankle’s physical therapy
(Hopefully) Begin training for my Marathon
Take a Bubble bath
Read a Novel
Eat outside as much as possible
Pay for someone behind me at Starbucks, whilst enjoying a Pumpkin Spice Latte
Get a haircut
Walk or run with Winston at least once a week on the greenway
Try a new recipe
Spend 8 days completely free of Social Media
Go to a Concert
Take a vacation to the British Virgin Islands to celebrate 5 wonderful years of marriage
Clean out my guest room
Host my family for a visit
Pray with Will regularly
Complete our sugar fast, then enjoy some Goodberry’s 

How will you #SavorSeptember?

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Hi Nancy!

It was great meeting you and coming over to celebrate with you on your 5 year anniversary!! Wishing you many more blessings and success in your life and business!

Loving the festive picture & your September goals!!



Have you read Redeeming Love before??? You will love it, and if I had to guess, I’d say you’ll finish it much more quickly than you think. It’s SO good!!! I love September and fall too, and can’t wait for scarf and boot weather! I’m hoping my goals will help me “savor September” as well!

Nancy, I am always inspired by your goals and thoughts on life. You are very centred and, from you, I find a lot of encouragement to make small changes (that undoubtedly lead to bigger changes, both externally and internally). Eight days without social media is a good one! This year I’ve also been working on my attachment to social media. Thankfully, I’m now feeling much more in control – it (mostly) doesn’t control me anymore. But, it was funny reading that “eight days”, my initial instinct was “that’s a long time”. It really is interesting how modern society has us all wrapped around her little finger. Minutes and hours between updates seem like eternities. In the big picture, eight days really is just a drop in the ocean. I’m going to be telling myself this as well. Enjoy your “Savor September” x

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