As a photographer, there’s something that happens when you document the same family through the years. Something happens inside your heart and your emotions that’s hard to describe… the best way I can put it is this: I feel like I’ve become part of the family. I have witnessed the little nuances, the in between moments, the meltdowns, the personalities growing. I have breathed through contractions with mama, looked knowingly at Dad, seen the first few moments of life, heard their first cries. I act like a crazy person to get a smile, I know the best light in their home, I feel comfortable standing on the coffee table, I wait patiently while discipline takes place. I heard the words “I’m pregnant!” whispered in a parking lot, I followed their adoption story every step of the way, I prayed for the perfect girl to be added to this family.

And this time, this beautiful Isaacson family simply felt complete. As I documented Sarah’s newborn session, I fell in love with this family all over again. It was crazy in their home, with two hungry babies only 8 months apart and a passionate little redhead running in circles, but it was GOOD. I felt it in my spirit. This family – full of 3 littles and working parents – has more love than you can handle. This family is anchored in the love of Jesus. This family, whether they know it or not, is my family.

Isaacsons, I love you so dearly. Welcome, baby Sarah. Your beautiful life ahead of you is going to be so, so good because of the people in these photos. They prayed for you and waited for you a long time. And boy do they love you so, so much.

To see how I’ve documented this sweet family through the years:

Lara’s maternity with Grace
Grace’s birth
Grace’s newborn session

Lara’s maternity with Joshua
Joshua’s birth
Joshua’s newborn

Film Processing: Indie Film Lab






















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Just…perfect! Such a beautiful tribute to motherhood and family.

I love that their newest baby looks so much like the dad! And I love that Lara didn’t wear makeup for these professional photos. This family is truly delightful!

Grace standing on her head! AMAZING! This is so beautiful! XOXOXO! Yay Jesus!

Nancy, these are breathtaking! Absolutely beautiful images of the most beautiful family!

Gracie holding her new sister just makes my heart melt! This family is so blessed to have you capture every beautiful step. Great job as always friend!

This story and these pics are just amazing. Thanks for sharing!

Oh! The photo of Grace doing a headstand and everyone’s faces made me teary-eyed. Nancy and Lara, I love you both dearly and am praising God for you both!


Your images of Lara and her growing family get better and better!

Nancy, every image is absolutely lovely! Thanks for sharing this beautiful session with us!

Truly one of the most beautiful family sessions I’ve ever seen! Congratulations Isaacson family! :)

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