when will and i were engaged, we made it a priority to prepare not just for our wedding, but for our marriage.  i know that is so hard to do in today’s world of weddings, because we (especially us girls) can get so excited about the decorations, the details, the dresses, etc.  but it’s also important to realize the reality of marriages today.  45%-50% of marriages in america end in divorce.  will and i were and are determined NOT to be one of those statistics!  you can make that decision too! firstly, i believe that marriage is centered in our faith, so many of these books are centered on faith as well.  each of these has meant so much to us in our first year of marriage, and they have saved us from many fights & disagreements. i am also CONFIDENT that they have made our marriage happier and healthier, and as we continue to practice the principles they teach, it will strengthen our marriage for years to come.  there are so many resources on how to strengthen your marriage, so take the time to invest in it!

here is our list of MUST READ books:

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these all look like great books! i’m going to check them out. i have the power of a praying woman that my cousin gave me. i love it! mat and i read “night light” when we got married (by dr. dobson–it’s an awesome devotional).
i agree with centering marriage around Christ. it’s so important! thank you for this post. :)

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These look great. I hadn’t heard of the 1st one at all. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the list Nancy! I totally agree about preparing for the marriage, hoping to make that the priority very soon!

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