it’s rainy outside and i have a cup of chamomile vanilla tea in hand. i was supposed to teach a photography workshop this morning at my old high school, but my tummy ache & lack of a voice said otherwise. so i sit here, still in my pajamas, editing photos & listening to the laundry spinning in circles. i don’t know about you, but listening to the washer & dryer and to the dishwasher makes me some kind of happy.

so this lovely morning in raleigh, rain & all, i decided i would gather my thoughts a little, mainly about the little things that i love and enjoy. i have been inspired lately by this quote by henry david thoreau, and i’ve been letting it sink into every fiber of my being.

••• Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined. •••

i have so many dreams. i have dreams for nancy ray photography, for my home, for who i am as a wife, a person, and eventually a mom, for the paint colors in each room, for the traveling i want to do. i have layers of dreams, really. i love where i am in life right now – 23, married, entrepreneur, owning our own town home, living in a cute little neighborhood, and meeting amazing couples in love as part of my job. but i am always seeing around the corner, and i think that’s good.  i always have the “next step” in mind, which usually terrifies me and excites me.

lately my thoughts have been in our home. i love our home. it’s a 3 story townhome in a neighborhood that feels like it’s right out of a movie. dogs, kids riding bikes, blossoming trees, lakes, fountains, and lots of neighbors. it’s darling! i want every room to reflect me and will, our stories, our tastes. making trips to home depot & ace hardware is a lot of fun. [pictures will make their way to this blog at some point, i promise!]

peter walsh [an organizational guru that i absolutely love] always says that the first step to an organized, orderly home is find the answer to this question: if you could imagine your home and your life looking a certain way, what would it look like? i have been thinking about that a lot with this home, and with my life. in what direction do i want go?  in every little area, even. how i dress, how i treat people, how i work.

{oh man, this is going to be a long process.}

so, with all of those thoughts out there {that feels better!}, and my little cup of tea in hand, i have combined lots of little photographs that have reflected my taste lately. i have been loving lots of creams, whites, & grays, combined with lots of texture. and the handbag? just a little something i’ve had my eye on :].

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Nancy, you have to listen to today’s (March16th) “The Story” from WUNC!!! (It’s available in podcast form) The second half is about this woman who fills out those comment cards at Starbucks every day! and they write her back! it’s hilarious, and i thought of you.

Ummm…Nancy…the bag is ON SALE!! Get it, Girl! As for the rest of your musings…just beautiful! I *heart* the keys, duvet AND the little bird nest SO much! Thanks for sharing. :)

always like your taste. Hope you feel better! I hope many memories of God being glorified will reflect each room of your home. love you!

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