When someone opens their gallery and sees their images for the very first time, it’s important that they are presented in a beautiful way. We love offering our online gallery, because we believe that it’s lovely and clean presentation does the images justice! After all, we spend countless hours photographing and editing these lovely photos, and we view them as art that we’ve created just for you. So as artists and photographers, it’s incredibly important that they are lovely, that they are organized well, and that the gallery interface is easy to use. That is why we use Pixieset!


One of the most important things to our team here at NRP is the experience we offer each of our clients. As soon as our clients open their gallery, they see their images displayed in such a striking way! The banner image across the top, followed by a Pinterest-like gallery as you scroll down. Then, every gallery is categorized, so certain events, portraits, or moments are easy to find. Viewing individual images is lovely as well, with the options to share the images, to play a slideshow, to purchase prints or canvases, or to mark it as a favorite. It’s an easy way to keep all your favorites in one folder, nice and organized.


Our Online Gallery is included in every session and wedding we photograph. We love offering this experience as a gift to each of our clients!

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Couldn’t agree more. Pixieset is so great! I’ve been using it for a year and always get comments. Lovely gallery above!

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