I get teary eyed every time I look at these newborn photos. The story behind them leaves me speechless.

My dear friend Becca had a very emotional pregnancy as she learned early on that her baby would most likely be born with Down Syndrome. All of the signs pointed to it, and the ultrasound tech was very clear and frank with them during their baby’s anatomy scan. Becca and Jarrod adored their little baby, and they began making preparations for a new kind of life for their little girl throughout their pregnancy. They were ready to welcome their baby with open arms and so much love, no matter what.

When baby Piper Rose was born, it was quite the eventful birth. After being induced, and laboring a long time, Becca was rushed into an emergency c-section to make sure baby Piper was okay. Thank goodness she was born healthy, and mama and baby looked wonderful!

But Becca and Jarrod weren’t expecting yet another twist in their already emotional journey. After she was born, they were quite shocked to find out that their little baby did not have Down Syndrome after all.

I love what Becca wrote on her blog, because it summarized her experience so well:

“I want to be crystal clear in saying something very important. We were ready to welcome, love and embrace our daughter with Down syndrome. Letting go of those expectations has been just as hard for us as learning to accept them back in November. We are not rejoicing because she is typical or because she doesn’t have Trisomy 21… we rejoice because she’s here, she is healthy, and she was born exactly as she was always meant to be. We rejoice because she was fearfully and wonderfully made. This journey strengthened our marriage, our hearts, and our sensitivities to say the least… and that alone is a gift. We are grateful for every single part of it. “

I love this family, I love their hearts, and goodness do I love little Piper Rose. What an honor it’s been to capture their sweet maternity photos and now Piper’s newborn photos as well! We’ll never know why these events unfolded like they did, but we rejoice in Piper’s beautiful life because it’s precious and valuable, Down Syndrome or not. Goodness are we thankful for the gift of new life!

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That is an amazing story and post! Beautiful baby girl and that is the best looking girls nursery I’ve ever seen. The signs are right, amazing things happen.

These are so beautiful. The perfect photos to go along with such an incredible story. Little Piper is so lucky to have such wonderful, loving, thoughtful parents. It’s amazing and mysterious how God works but it’s so comforting to know He is good in all things.

I just cried for the hundredth time looking at these beautiful images of my sweet little family. Thank you Nancy, for your friendship, love, and support. Thank you for sharing your spiritual gifts with us so that we may have these images to treasure for the rest of our lives and share with our little girl. We love you! XOXO

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