I met Paige and Clay at the NC Art Museum on a beautiful Summer evening and immediately I knew that this session would be effortless. Together, they are laid back and trusting, they are confident in who they are and their love for each other and they LOVE to have fun. They don’t take life so seriously so when I asked them to do something crazy like jog towards me even though they were in some of their finest clothes, they didn’t question it, but instead looked at each other, smiled and took off jogging. I know that their life together is going to be just like that – that no matter what they face, they’ll look at each other, smile and run right into it together hand in hand.

Some things that I love about them:
– Paige showed up to their session and said “I couldn’t decide on a pair of shoes and bare feet just felt more like me so I’m not going to wear any.”
– Paige and Clay got engaged in one of my favorite places in the world: Cinque Terre, Italy. Clay carried the ring around their whole trip and he very casually told me “No, I wasn’t nervous anything was going to happen to the ring or that she would find it.”
– Paige is best friends with Olivia, who just so happens to be one of my best friends so that basically means that Paige and I are best friends :)
– Clay grew up a couple houses down the road from my family and I have memories of him running around our neighborhood as a little boy with the blondest hair
– Clay and Paige both went to NC State (Go Wolfpack!)
– Their laid back, sweet, go with the flow, trusting spirit
– Their love for Jesus and love for each other

Congratulations Paige and Clay! It is truly an honor to be a part of this incredible season of your lives. I am so excited for March!

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