Have you heard of the story called “The Rocks of Life?” If not, visit my March Goals of 2017 or google it! Here’s a brief summary for you:

The rocks represent the most important things in our lives. If we don’t schedule them and prioritize them, if we don’t put them in our jar FIRST, they won’t get done. (Go read the story and that will make a bit more sense!)

90 Day “Rocks” are quarterly goals that we set for NRP by asking ourselves, “What are THE MOST IMPORTANT things we have to do this quarter to reach our goals for this year?” We try to limit ourselves to only 5-7 rocks max, so we can actually accomplish them without getting too overwhelmed.

In short, we decide the most important goals we must reach this quarter, and everything we do revolves around achieving these goals. If we don’t set them, we are whisked away by our clients’ needs, our inboxes, the day to day stuff that takes up so much of our time.

NRP’s Q2 Rocks for 2017:
• Launch Film & Hybrid Shooting Course (Coming early June!!)
• Plan and Delegate for Maternity Leave
• Book 6 Weddings for Olivia this calendar year (any engaged brides out there reading?!)
• Book 13 Family Sessions for Elizabeth
• Sell out 12 Mini Sessions

Want to know our 2017 Q1 Rocks? I shared them in my March Goals!

We learned all about these 90 day priorities we call “Rocks” in the book Traction. I highly recommend it for small business owners!

Have any of you tried to set quarterly rocks yet? It’s not too late to start!

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[…] Rocks 

Every 90 days, we set “rocks.” These are the things we much accomplish to keep the business moving forward. You can read more […]

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