When Will and I found out we were expecting a baby, we quickly realized that life was about to change for us in a big way. Upon the advice of a friend of mine, we made a baby bucket list early in my pregnancy and continued to add to it until we felt like it was complete. The criteria? Make a list of things to do that will be more challenging and unlikely to happen once we have a kid!

Our Baby Bucket List

Enjoy a spontaneous Krispy Kreme run (“hot now” only, duh)
Spend a nice long weekend in Beaufort
Go camping with friends
Go on a babymoon somewhere we’ve never been before
Wake up and watch the sunrise
Run a 10K
Go on a date and eat burgers and fries
Take a spontaneous trip somewhere on a whim
Sleep in with no alarms
Defy Gravity Trampoline Warehouse (with extreme caution!)
*Finish Marriage Course with the Beveres (home study)
*Go see a movie
*Go on a date to the Angus Barn

For list people like myself and Will, it was so satisfying to check things off and be intentional with the time that just the two of us had left. I’m happy to report we completed everything on our list except for the last three (*), but we completed those three within the first month Milly was born while she was still a sleepyhead. (Thankfully, she still is!) You’ll also notice several food-related items on the list! I tried very hard to stay healthy and not use the “I’m eating for two” excuse throughout my pregnancy. Because of that, I had to literally plan times to indulge and enjoy it guilt free. Sounds a little crazy, but that’s me. And boy did I enjoy those hot krispy kreme donuts!


The two things that we would recommend most? Take a Babymoon and complete a Marriage Study together. (Highly recommend The Story of Marriage by the Beveres!) Hands down, we got the most quality, intentional time together doing those two activities. The conversations that came out of those times together will be treasured forever as we closed one chapter in our lives and prepared for the next.


We also really enjoyed the weekends away! Traveling with a baby is no joke – trust me. It’s super easy when it’s two adults.

A few practical tips from my list / things I learned: listen to your body. I am proud to say that I ran a 5K, a 10K and a 15K while pregnant! But I had been running longer distances regularly when I got pregnant, so my body was ready for it. At 35 weeks, I transitioned to walking only, because my body was signaling me to do so. Also, we went to Defy Gravity when I was only 11 weeks or so (for Will’s birthday!). I took it very easy, but I wouldn’t recommend it because I was pretty nervous during and after. Not worth the nerves!

Overall, I would highly recommend making a Baby Bucket list, even if you aren’t pregnant yet. It’s so sweet to treasure the years together, and that takes some intentional planning sometimes. Now that we have Milly, we aren’t saying “oh, I wish we did this or that!” We are thrilled she is here and very satisfied that we made the most of our time before kids.

A note of encouragement for moms who might be concerned like I was : life does continue after having a baby. It’s different and new and a whole lot sweeter. I think my home might explode from all the love!

Have you ever made a Baby Bucket List? If so, what were some items on your list? Comment below!

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I love this, Nancy! The Baby Bucket List idea is great, and I am so grateful you shared practical tips of how to do it. Planning for a new part of life can feel overwhelming, but this makes it seem doable and fun. I’ll definitely be tucking this away as something I want to do with Woody. Thanks for sharing!

This is so precious. I have a few things in mind that I want to do before I get pregnant with my first baby but haven’t made a list yet. You inspired me to do so and it’s going to happen. I love lists like you! :) It’s beautiful to see that you guys accomplished all these things before Milly came and are now all excited for the new adventures with no regrets! :) xo

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