Today and tomorrow I will be at one of my favorite conferences with some of my favorite people. I look forward to Making Things Happen with such great anticipation, because I know wonderful, life changing moments are going to happen. Yes, I’ve been through this several times. Yes, it changes me for the better every single time.

My phone will be completely off, stored in a box with lots of other phones for two days. I will not look at a screen or answer an email or edit any photos. I will take my favorite pen, a blank notebook, and fill it to the brim with my hopes and dreams. This time, my husband is joining us as an official speaker, and I am so excited to have him there as we journey towards what matters most.

With that said, thank you for your patience! Emails, voicemails, and photos are going to have to wait while I take some time out to dig deep. If you need to reach the studio, please contact Callie@nancyrayphotography.com.

Here’s to doing what matters most this week!



Images by Robyn Van Dyke

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