In August, the NRP extended team got together for a day of training, critiquing and growing as a team of photographers! Our team strongly believes that we should never stop learning, however throughout the years of training and growing we have never all come together as a team to critique and learn about how to continue to become better photographers. This is why I created our first (hopefully of many) Nancy Ray Photography Academy and it was an awesome day! Some of the things that we discussed:

– What makes a great image
– How to shoot details
– How to pose people
– What to do in “What if…” situations
– A review of the technicalities of our camera and flash systems
– Digital vs. Film shooting
– My editing process

At the end of our day, we photographed a small styled table together, which allowed us to put some of what we had discussed into to practice. We got to watch each other, look at the back of our digital camera screens, and talk about our thought processes when it comes to shooting details on a wedding day.



Now it’s my turn to chime in! Nancy here… jumping in on Callie’s blogpost to say what an amazing job she did. Seriously y’all, Callie hosted a day full of learning that was amazing. (She probably would hate me saying all this stuff on her blogpost, but sorry C. It’s my blog so I make the rules!)

I recently heard this amazing quote at the Global Leadership Summit:

Leaders don’t make followers. Leaders make other leaders.

I can tell you this: Callie stepped it up and is one incredible leader. I took notes on the back row and chimed into the conversation throughout the day, but I learned so much. The amazing thing is that we all work together all the time, we’ve all learned the same things on the same gear, but we still had room to grow.

So this is officially the first of many NRP Academys! And a huge thanks to Callie for making it so amazing.


That’s awesome! I have so loved watching your studio grow over the past few years. You’re all an inspiration to me! Now, when are you going to open up a workshop to outside attendees?! 😉 To learn from you ladies would be such a dream!

Fabulous! Love that y’all made time for this!

Humbled humbled to be a part of this incredible team. This was An amazing day! Looking forward to next time! Mrs. Davis you are a rockstar!

You all are inspirations for my life. Thank you for sharing the beauty in (your) life and the beauty in working and learning with each other. Cheers!

We are so glad you are here!

Welcome to the NRP Blog! Enjoy getting to know our hearts and our work. We are so grateful you stopped by!