November is my December! This year, because of sweet baby Ray #3 on the way, my work finish line is this month. My Christmas finish line is this month. Honestly, I feel like this month is IT for me, because I know how it is to be in newborn la la land, and I’ll pretty much be unavailable to do anything but nurse and sleep and eat the first few weeks after this sweet baby arrives! I’m due December 10th, and goodness I’m looking forward to the glorious Christmas I’m about to have! Snuggling a new baby, being at home, adjusting to life as a family of five.

I digress… back to November! I hope this inspires you to do things ahead of time this year, because whether or not you have a baby, planning ahead for the holidays is one of the best things you can do to relieve stress and be present. So while I have a hard deadline of a baby being born, you can TOTALLY determine your own deadline and get things done early!

Here’s to having a productive November so we can relax in December!

November 2018 Goals

– Launch!!!
– Read the Life Giving Home with the Nancy Ray Book Club
– Re-read Supernatural Childbirth
– Finish baby girl #3’s nursery
– Finish shopping for all of Christmas!!
– Host Thanksgiving Dinner at our house
– Finish 2017 Family Album
– Finish Lyndon’s Baby Book
– Launch new website (SUPER excited to share this project so soon!)
– Finish our Master Bedroom
– Photograph our home
– Go on maternity leave officially!
– One on one time with each of my girls before Baby 3

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VERY intrigued now with those Easter eggs in this month’s goals… I went to the new URL and it did nothing but boost my intrigue! Glad we get to find out what’s going on soon :).

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