Sweet image by Elizabeth Tate, in honor of Will who turns 30 this month!

So I have 3 questions for all of you! And if you leave a comment with all 3 answers, you’ll automatically be entered in a drawing to win Jess Ray’s new album, which is ALL I’m listening to these days. It’s SO good. So get ready:

1. What do you want to read more about on this blog?
2. What would you like to learn / see on periscope? (Do you even know what that is?)
3. If we had an online shop in 2016, what would you like to see in the shop? (This can be anything: photography lessons, fine art prints, ebooks, etc)

I’m gearing up for the end of the year, thinking of goals and a full year without maternity leave. (What? I get 4 months back!) It’s the time of year when I begin to dream big and my ideas can get a little crazy, so that’s where you come in! I would love your input.

To be honest, here is what I’m thinking:

I love film and I love fine art photography. I love a beautiful, consistent brand and I love blogging. But I also love community, comments, conversation, and connection. I love teaching. I have long felt that “fine art photographers” are a bit elusive and mysterious, which isn’t a bad thing at all, but it’s just not who I am. Yes, I want to offer stunning, fine art, heartfelt film images that inspire anyone who sees them, but I ALSO want to be honest, to be transparent, to be more conversational with our lives and our work. I feel like 2016 is the year for us – the NRP Team – to bridge gaps and connect with not only our clients, but our readers and followers too.

So with that – let us know. What do you want to learn? How would you like to connect? I’m dreaming up all kinds of ways to connect you to resources that we love, whether it’s books or online courses, or even some courses we will offer ourselves. In short, what would YOU like to know about us?

So excited for what’s to come. And because I don’t say it enough, thank you SO much for reading and following. It really means the world to us!

November Goals

Finish The Blessed Life, and read Take the Stairs (Yep. Same as last month. Turns out reading has become more challenging with a baby! Looking for ways to remedy that.)
Celebrate Will who turns 30 on November 4th (!!!)
Sign up for a race and begin training
Throw a sweet Baby Shower for Emily
Chop down Milly’s first Christmas tree in the mountains of North Carolina
Clean out all the papers: desks, filing cabinets, etc: Kon Mari style

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I would love to read more about how you are balancing being a mom and working, how your routines have changed with your quiet time, getting work done, etc :)

1. I love your goals, financial management/budget and organization posts. I’d love to learn about any long-term goals/planning that you do and how you do that.
2. I loved your morning schedule Periscope, would love more like that.
3. Ebooks and/or ecourses on starting your own business generally, how you organize your life, and designing/developing such a lovely blog/website.

Thank you!

1. I will add my voice to the others: I love your personal posts. Your posts on organization, the pay off debt series, monthly goals, routines, and honesty about motherhood/marriage are my favorite! I often go back into the archives to read those to help me stay inspired.
2. Book Club would be fun!
3. ebooks and art would be great!

1. I love your personal posts, the posts about finances, home organization, home decoration, monthly goals. I would like to know more about your wardrobe and how to live with less clothes and less stuff in general. I love your voice on the blog! I can always tell when the post is written by someone other than you. Keep writing please! All your photos are lovely but my favorite posts are the ones that switch things up a bit, for example the State Fair engagement session was amazing! More unique photoshoots would be very cool for readers to see.
2. I still don’t know what periscope is…
3. In the shop, photography lessons, fine art prints, ebooks, all would be great!

1. I loved your organization series. I would also like to hear more about how you study the bible.
2. I don’t use Periscope, but I always learn something when you and/or Will talk about finances.
3. Fine art prints, bible studies, ebooks, lessons…it all sounds great!

1) I love your personal posts so much, NANCY! Probably I would vote for those, and more about priorities!scheduling/sinpliciyy kinds of things. And MONEY!! I have been blessed by your hisbands blog but would love to hear about money matters from your perspective.
2) i dont know what periscope is but would love the above!
3) maybe you could design and sell a gorgeous daily planner? Or some similiar system?

1. I love all the behind-the-scenes type posts. I’m a graphic designer and seeing how other creatives run their business & lives outside of their online business is always so inspiring to me! Your organizational series a while back was also a total game changer for me.

2. I saw someone mention a book club up above and that would be so fun!

3. I love the idea of an art print shop. I don’t live in the US but I would love to hang one of your gorgeous photos in my home. Ebooks on photography or business or money would be interesting too.

i love your blog!!

1. I loved, loved, loved your series on organization.
2. I would love periscopes on goals, budgeting, organizing, etc.
3. I would love an ebook on your time management systems, keeping focused and staying on track with a budget, simplifying your life, organization . . .

Thank you for all you share. You are such an encouragement in my life.

1. I love your honesty and vulnerability. I started reading your blog just a few days ago when I stumbled upon your Part 1 write-up about your pregnancy. I immediately latched on because I’ve never felt like the “mom-type” either, not yet anyways 😉

2. I don’t have periscope so I’m not much help but I can imagine you guys at the NRP team will do a great job with it.

3. Mentoring Classes would be great! How to start your own business, how to get your business growing from the very beginning. Perhaps you could do small group/individual sessions with people based on their specific needs at that time.

1. I really enjoying reading your honest posts about daily life and your posts about marriage, business, trips, and goal setting. Thanks for sharing about your faith and how you pursue a relationship with Christ.

2. Not exactly sure what it is. But posts on what you would tell people who are starting up businesses, marriage advice, photography tips, etc would be great!

3. Fine art prints would be lovely, since the chances of photography lessons are slim seeing as we don’t live in the same state.

1. What organization/an ideal day/routines/spiritual life/marriage/travel is like now that you are a mama. Have loved your posts on all of these topics previously – would love to see how you have/are learning to make changes as a mama and what works best for you!

2. Love your Periscopes! You are very detailed and provide great visual aids, making it different than if you had made the topic a blog post. I would love to see some of the same topics I previously mentioned, as they can make great Periscope topics “in the moment” as well. This may also be great for “behind the scenes” on-site at a wedding, prepping before a wedding or what an afternoon in the studio with the NRP team may look like.

3. Ebooks!

First, I just want to say “thank you” for being you and following this God-sized dream and giving others the inspiration to do the same with His call on their lives. That said, here’s my take on your questions..

1. I can’t say I’ve been following your blog long, but I intend to, because your faith and business as a “marriage” is exactly where I see mine, but I need mentoring. I would love to read about how you keep your work/life balance and stay true to Christ’s call on your life, as well as knowing when and what to let go of, in order to take the next step in your spiritual/personal/business lives.

2. I do know periscope and have tried it a couple of times – with shaky knees! 😀 I would tune in to see behind-the-scenes tips on photography (maybe for people learning film (as I would like to dip into); backlighting, OCF, etc.) and then I’d love to see you and Will talk work/life balance or just you talk about work/life/motherhood balance.

3. Mentoring classes- building your business / Technical photography classes / Inspirational quote prints/print items (mugs, planners, t-shirts, etc.)

Thanks for asking and thanks for listening. <3

1. What do you want to read more about on this blog? – I love your honest posts about life. That time you posted what you’re thankful for everyday of November on instagram a few years ago was awesome. Your Journey with Baby Ray Part 1 was the best of all of the journey posts because it was honest and transparent. I appreciate when you talk about the “hard stuff”- fears, worries, etc. I learn so much that way! For example, when Lara writes blogs it’s very upfront and helpful!
2. What would you like to learn / see on periscope? (Do you even know what that is?) – I only have periscope because you said you were posting on there. But, I agree with Em that it’s easier to read than to watch.
3. If we had an online shop in 2016, what would you like to see in the shop? (This can be anything: photography lessons, fine art prints, ebooks, etc) – Fine art prints

1. I’m pretty much love everything you post…but could you do posts on your favorite things for the seasons…

2. I don’t know what periscope is…

3. Online photography classes and prints

1. My favorite and the most helpful posts dig into the nitty gritty of your life and how you get things done! Like a previous poster, I loved the organization series, and I always love learning the specifics of how you go about your spiritual life, because you’re a wonderful encouragement!
2. Not so much into Periscope at this point – harder to listen than read on the go and it doesn’t fit into my workflow like Feedly does!
3. As you know, I am not so much into the buying of things, so I’m not sure I have a great answer for you here :)

1. I’d love to read more about quiet time morning routines, living a christ-centered marriage, and how you started your creative business.
2. Love love love your periscopes! I’d love to listen to some on book lists, resources you use and love, quiet time routine, how you prepare for 2016, date night ideas, and ways you stay organized and balance life.
3. Prints with inspirational quotes and e-books would be amazing!

1. I love reading about life–real life. And seeing photos of real life. Genuine authenticity is all I ask for–it doesn’t even matter what the blog post is about. NPR is great at this.

2. I would love to see your face on Periscope more! You are so encouraging and a source of light. I’m a mama-to-be (#DecemberBaby) and I’d love to see how you are managing the transition/integration/balancing act.

3. I would love to see NPR sell photography lessons and business strategy/organization/motivation/a “how do you know when to jump” series.

1 – I love seeing the ‘behind the scenes’ posts on all of the photographers. It’s inspiring and encouraging to see normal everyday people rocking it out at life :)
2. I have heard tons about Periscope, but never checked it out for myself. So, here I’ll just say that I would love to learn more about shooting techniques and optimal lighting. I don’t have a business, but love photography!
3. I’ve never seen you produce anything I didn’t love, but I can say for sure that photography lessons would be a dream come true.

y’all are awesome! I love following this blog!

1. I would LOVE to see “a day in the life” series! And behind the scenes posts would be really fun too :-) I’ve always wondered what all it takes for wedding photographers the day of weddings. I loved watching Callie and the team work their magic on our wedding…so much hard work goes into their job I tell ya’!

2. Marriage and relationship advice, how to have a better “work/life” balance.

3. Fine art prints and inspirational quote prints!

1. I am a big fan of personal posts. Obviously you have to do photography related posts, but I would love to see more about organization, motherhood, spiritual, etc.
2. Kind of similar to above, but maybe even discussing how-to’s with photography. You are so good at the work/real life posts and doing a decent mix…I just think you have so much wisdom to share and I know I have already learned so much from you and been encouraged.
3. I am a huge fan of prints and know you would design beautiful ones, so I would love that! I also think maybe e-book or video courses on different photography related things. Just short ones. Of course with a baby and business who has time for that?!? :) Again, just so much wisdom to offer!

1. I love reading Milly updates + personal posts.
2. Yes I know what Periscope is and loved the one you did about traveling with a baby! I would love to see more mommy updates and anything business/photo tips as well.
3. Photography online classes. Could be live or videoed and made for purchase.

1. Organization, your goals, your family, your faith!
2. LOVE periscope! Encouragement/Advice on faith and organization, and hear about your life!
3. prints and ebooks sound so exciting! I’m on board for whatever you’ve got in store!

1- Spiritual life, photography tips, motherhood, marriage! Love what you post!
2- Periscope Q&As are wonderful! Or same as above
3- Photography tutorials and fine art print are lovely ideas

Hello Cayenne! Congratulations – you won! Email me your mailing address and Ill send you Jess Ray’s album!

Wonderful! How exiting! <3

1. I love seeing posts about your journey as a mom and how it blends with your business. I have two littles and sometimes it can get stressful! So I love seeing your tips about taking it a day at a time.
2. I’d love to see more of your client experience on Periscope, like how you connect with your clients throughout their process with you.
3. I would love love love some online courses for film! You inspired me to start my journey 4 months ago. If I wasn’t in Florida, I would so do a mentor session!

I am on a very similar quest to you – for external simplicity thus allowing for internal meaning. Many times I am on a similar path, and at a similar time, and seeing someone else living this life is both incredibly reassuring, and spurs me on. While I’ve been learning, accepting and living my truth over the past approximately 5 years, seeing others on similar journey does help. This is not ‘comparison’ (a game I’ve been getting out of), rather inspiration. Thank you. Your continual desire for growth makes you an exceptional role model – I don’t know if you see yourself in this light, but I’d very much like to add that feather to your bow. The images you (and your team) produce are stunning – I can see the added depth film photography brings. However I follow you for your life advice, for your organisation, for your search for the really meaningful things in life, for your treasure of work-life balance, for book ideas, goal ideas, marriage and baby advice. I learn from you and I am both reassured by you. So, in answer to your questions, I’d love anything more in this life encouragement vein. I like hearing about the difficulties and barriers you face, and how you work through them. I like hearing about relationship ups and downs. I know it takes a very brave person to openly discuss this. This life work could be done as an online course. My request would be that while you may run it live, please make it available as recording only too (I’m in Australia and that never matches up to US time differences). Or as you mention, ebook format. Looking forward to seeing your progress unfold in 2016.

I think it is SO amazing that you guys are debt free and even though this is mainly a photography site; I would love to learn in depth about financial freedom. I love you guys financial journey and it would be amazing to here about your financial goal and how far you guys have come and the next steps, since you guys have a child.

I also love reading about photography tips and how you guys stay organized!


1. I love your monthly goals. They really inspire me to set goals for myself.
2. I would love some classes to take. I am currently trying to learn more about photography and maybe grow my hobby into something more. I would love behind the scene action on periscope.
3. Fine art prints or classes. I love both!

1- I am pregnant and love reading about your motherhood journey and faith journey and encouragement.
2- I have heard about periscope but not sure I need another distraction.
3- Photography lessons would be fun with a newborn on the way!

1. I like to read about your daily life as well as what to expect with photographing certain events, like Elizabeth did with newborns.
2. I love listening to you speak on your spiritual life. That you and your team are Christians and how you use your business to the glory of God thrills my soul. I look up to you and love to learn and grow with you- even though we’ve never met!
3. Fine art prints- your team is amazing!

1- Information about organization, tips on enhancing your spiritual life
2. – Book clubs / chats!
3 – Photography lessons would be amazing :))))

1-I loved your home series, especially about organization. Would love more of those, especially talking about the KonMari method.
2-Behind the scenes? I’m still new to Periscope myself.
3-Fine art prints for sure. Y’all’s work is gorgeous!

We are so glad you are here!

Welcome to the NRP Blog! Enjoy getting to know our hearts and our work. We are so grateful you stopped by!