Do you know what’s great about November? Besides the fall leaves and brisk air and PSL’s and scarves and boots? The fact that our only travel plans include visiting family in the mountains of NC during Thanksgiving, and the rest of the time we are HOME. Working, going to church, and doin our thing. There is something so nourishing to my soul about spending long stretches of time here at home.

In addition to my goals below, I plan to get outside, a lot. I plan to run on the greenway in the brisk air, to make a lot of soup, to enjoy the outdoors with Milly. I plan to focus on all the things I’m grateful for, instead of what I lack. November, I’m so ready for you.

November Goals

Read Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth : 11th book in the Nancy Ray Book Club
Read 2/3 of The Secrets of Happy Families
Create a new Ray Family tradition : turn our Chalk Wall into a Grateful Wall
Finish Filming “Digital Basics” : Content for a new course next year
Run a 10K
Fall Launch for the Nancy Ray Shop
Host a Gilmore Girls Party
Finalize my 30th Birthday Plans (suggestions welcome!)
Finish all Christmas Shopping

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Nancy, I get super excited about being home too! Thank you for inspiring me YEARS ago to implement Sabbath. I credit you and Lara with pushing me to try it, and now it’s a solid and life-giving habit!

I also love your Christmas shopping goal! I have the same one on my goals post! :)

Yay November!

Isn’t it so sweet how traveling can be so life-giving, and being at home for long stretches can be so life-giving? I love it!

Haha! I too am obsessed with GG! SO excited!!!

Hi Nancy – I just went to a baby shower and it was Gilmore Girls themed – so fun! The favors were bags filed with GG goodies: a T-shirt that has Dragonfly Inn on it, a fun coffee mug with Luke’s diner on it – and each bag had a button that had either Team Logan, Jess or Dean!!! I can find out more about it if you like. My two nieces introduced me to GG (I am 57 and never saw it when it was on TV), I am obsessed :):)

BTW I have been in the book club since February and I am SO THANKFUL for all these wonderful books you picked. So grateful for you and your heart.

Combine the two and celebrate your 30th birthday in Gilmore Girls style!

I love that you’re hosting a Gilmore Girls Party! That sounds like so much fun.

Please share details of your plans for a Gilmore Girls party when you’re ready! I would love to hear your thoughts and be inspired. So fun! Definitely a little extra thing for us to be grateful for this Thanksgiving 😉

We are so glad you are here!

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