I’ve learned that every single time I see the Barger family, they have a surprise for me.

Surprise number one was simply meeting them (I never had before) for their maternity session.

Surprise number two was finding out as I pulled into their driveway and saw the baby blue ribbon on their mailbox, that they had a boy!

Surprise number three? That the boy is HUGE! Jessica admitted that she intentionally didn’t mention to me just how big Nash was so that she could surprise me and see my face when I saw him for his 6 month pictures.

I’m really, really curious what will happen at his 1 year pictures… has to be something, right?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: there’s just something special about meeting a client, and then having the opportunity to document their family as it grows and changes (this is why I LOVE our Collections). You get to know that family, you look forward to seeing them, there’s anticipation and hugs and good conversation throughout. That’s exactly how this session was, and it just made my heart full.

Let’s talk about Nash. At 6 months old, Nash has just figured out the whole sitting up deal, though there are times where he just (happily) rolls right over onto his side. He gives out big ole’ smiles plentifully, and they perfectly match those big ole’ baby rolls. He’s so content, unless he’s hungry, but let’s be real – that’s all of us, right? Nothing really makes him happier than having his mom or dad cuddled up with him, tickling him, loving on him, singing to him. It made my day to get to hold him and love on him a bit at the end of the session!

I’m not trying to rush time or anything, but I’m already counting the day’s til Nash’s one year pictures. Can’t wait to see this sweet family again!

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