I always love these “favorites” posts. They are so helpful for other new mamas, and I remember loving reading them when I was pregnant. I still love to read them today! (My friend Em is doing a series on her favorites for different phases of baby life, and I loved her recent first post. I really just love her blog in general!)

I always say, “I’m so glad I had a baby in 2015.” Let’s face it: many of these accessories and amenities are just that: accessories and amenities. Truly all your baby needs is your love and closeness and food and sleep and care. But I’ll be the first to say I’m grateful that these products have all made my life a little easier, and Milly’s wardrobe a little cuter.

I’d love to hear in the comments: What are your favorite mama products?

Nancy’s Mama Favorites

The Miracle Blanket
My favorite sleep accessory! Milly rarely could get out of the miracle blanket, and it helped her sleep through the night at an early age. We love this thing.

White Noise Machine
My 2nd favorite sleep accessory. We have a great dane that likes to loudly notify us when someone is at the door, and this drowns out his barking so she doesn’t wake from her naps!

Rock n Play
It’s the perfect bedside crib, it’s very portable, and Milly loved it.
Win win win.

Baby Wise
I loved having this book on hand during the first months as a helpful resource. It helped me understand the basics of a breastfeeding schedule and helped Milly sleep through the night.

Solly Baby Wrap
Oh I love my grey striped solly. It’s cute and cozy and I’m just sad Milly is getting too big for it.

The Diaper One N Done
We did not like the giant stinky diaper trashcans, so instead we opted for this. It’s small and definitely does the trick.

The Ergo
I love the Ergo now that Milly’s too big for the Solly. It’s durable and comfortable, and you can wear it on the front or the back! We have the standard, but I’ve heard the Ergo 360 is great for the front facing feature.

Nose Frida
I was totally disgusted with this product while pregnant. Now, I swear by it. #momlife

Medela Pump n Style
I loved my portable one with batteries – especially while shooting weddings! 


Coconut Oil
Good for so many things. Dry and flaky newborn skin, dry mama hands, and sensitivity while breastfeeding. (I used this instead of other balms out there.) 
Bob Running Stroller
We love our sturdy and smooth Bob! It’s a bit bulky, but it drives like a cadillac and I LOVE it.

Bamboobies + Target Nursing Camis
I prefer this combo instead of nursing bras. It allows my tummy to stay covered if I need to nurse in public with a cover, and they are more comfy than any nursing bra I’ve found. They are long and modest. I still wear them daily.

Uggs Slippers
I wore these all day e’ry day for maternity leave. The best.

The EL Baby Book
You guys – THIS book is a non-negotiable now for all future kids. I am obsessed. I’m not a scrapbooker, so I need some guidance. I treasure baby books, but I’m just not good at thinking of what to remember. The EL baby book guides you on every page, it’s beautifully designed, and so sentimental and sweet. The key is working on it every month and not getting behind! It’s going to be Milly’s treasure one day, and I love that.

These Adjustable Headbands
Milly wears these all the time. I love how chunky they are!

Scripture + Pattern Swaddles
I fell in love with these swaddles when I saw them on Instagram. We just got the modern mouse blanket for her trip to Disney this fall. They are lightweight and adorable.

These Feminine Headbands
I prefer these for church, or if you need to dress up an outfit.

The Lollacup
As a Shark Tank fan, I’m always excited when I get to support Shark Tank businesses. The Lollacup was an answer to prayer when Milly stopped drinking from a bottle at 7 months. We switched to these sippy cups and haven’t looked back.

These Fox Socks
They are just too adorable. And she can wear them until she’s 2!

Mam Pacis
My friend Samantha told me about Mam Pacis and I’m so thankful she did. We had the green pacis and wubbanubs you see everywhere, and Milly never took them. When I introduced the Mam Paci to her at 4 months, she took it right away! She only took a paci for about 4 months, but it was so helpful during those months. (Note: follow the age instructions with pacis! Milly got the small size stuck in her mouth because we didn’t move up in size. It was our bad, but I just didn’t know. Just a mom tip for ya!)

Tinted Burts Bees
This one’s for me. Makes me feel a little more put together, and nourished. Breastfeeding sucks all moisture out of you! It’s good to have this on hand.

Modern Moses Clothing
I love these sweet designs and phrases. The Dance Praise Sing shirt is our favorite.

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Lollacup!! I am very much looking forward to the day when June can have her own :)

This is so helpful for new mommas, thank you!
Love your bag, where is it from?

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