It’s FALL LAUNCH WEEK for the Nancy Ray Shop!

You guys I’m pumped. I’ve been waiting for this week to come! We’ve been working so hard in the studio over the past several months, creating a lot of new content for the Nancy Ray Shop, including a lot of FREE downloads! It’s going to be great.

I’m also going to be releasing one product early to our Newsletter Subscribers only, along with a Free Webinar (Sign Up Here!) all about how to organize and ENJOY your personal photos. I’ll be sharing a lot of the lessons I learned along the way when I organized my photos this year – once and for all. I’m so excited for the clarity I’ll be able to bring to so many people because of this!

Anyone who is subscribed to our newsletter or who attends the webinar will get access to How to Organize and Enjoy your Personal Photos first, and let’s just say there are perks if you know about it early. So sign up for the webinar (above) and the newsletter (below)!

Be sure to follow @nancyrayshop on Instagram and visit the shop this Thursday, November 3rd, when we release our brand new online resources:

Team Resources:
Our Team Scorecards
Our Wedding Equipment Checklist
Our Wedding Day Equipment Checklist
The Cost of a Bad Hire

Productivity Resources:
How to be an Email Ninja
How to Organize your Time

Personal/Spiritual Resources:
How to Organize and Enjoy your Personal Photos
How to Organize your Home
How to Organize your Spiritual Life

Can I be honest for a second? This webinar is my first ever. I am a little too excited about it I think, not because I’ll have the chance to do my first webinar, but because of the content I’m sharing. Yes, it’s all about how to organize and enjoy your personal photos, but a LOT of the webinar is about my personal journey and what I learned while I cleaned out my own photos. It was much harder than I thought, and much more rewarding than I thought too. I have a new clarity and perspective even when taking pictures now, and I truly can’t wait to share it. Not to mention… I’ll be giving one “How to Organize and Enjoy your Personal Photos” PDF away during the webinar! But you must attend live to win!

Ok friends, see you Thursday in the Shop!


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