I have some wonderful and somewhat surprising news: I am a mama AND a reader!!!

I will be honest: I was having a really hard time reading after Milly was born. To be honest, I just got out of the “swing” of it for 6 months straight. I pretty much stopped reading all together (other than a few verses of scripture each day), and I thought I had completely lost the desire and ability to finish a book. (Dramatic, I know.)

But guess what!? I’m back! I CAN do this! Turns out all I needed was a plan, some accountability, and a little kick in the pants to get going.

The Nancy Ray Book Club is in full swing, and we’re almost 1/4 of the way through our year! My life and my heart have been so encouraged. My soul has been filled up with God’s goodness. I have more people skills, I’m a better listener, I’m more present and in tune with the Lord’s presence than I have been in a long time. My husband and I have had some meaningful conversations and wonderful date nights, and we’ve talked about things in our marriage that we haven’t addressed since we were engaged. I’m so grateful for all of you who are joining in, but I’ll be honest – even if I was the only one in my own stinkin book club, I’d still be SO happy and thankful for it!

So far I’ve completed How to Win Friends and Influence People, His Needs Her Needs, & the bonus book club: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. EHS has been a total life changer for me personally, so it’s quite appropriate that it made it onto the Bonus Book Club list. It’s incredible.

I’m currently reading: The Practice of the Presence of God and For the Love by one of my favorite authors Jen Hatmaker! Y’all, I literally cannot believe I’m reading an additional book outside of the NRBC. The fact that I’m all caught up and enjoying a book for leisure is blowing my little mama mind that didn’t believe I could be a reader again.

So… if you hate to read, or want to read but feel stuck, I just want to encourage you!

That was me 3 months ago. But I made a plan, read a little bit each day when I woke up, read a little more each night before I went to bed, and now I’m in the middle of my 4th and 5th books this year.

Want to join the Nancy Ray Book Club? Do it! We’d love to have you! This month is the perfect month to join because the book is so tiny – you can knock it out in a week, easy. The next phase of books are going to be longer and much more practical, but still so good. I can’t wait.

For those of you part of the NRBC, what has been your favorite book so far? How is the reading going? Who else has read Emotionally Healthy Spirituality? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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NRBC has been a game changer for me! It has encouraged me to look more deeply at myself and start becoming the person that I want to be. I felt its effects in many different aspects of my life, so thank you Nancy so very much for the energy, direction, and spirit that you provide! His Needs, Her Needs has been my favorite so far. Despite being single, it really opened my eyes to what I want out of a relationship and has brought great conversation with friends and family members. I believe that it can be applied to many of the different relationships in one’s life.

I love the NRBC! These books are so good for the soul and spirit. It is really helping me reevaluate the way I live, the way I interact with others, and how I can improve those things. I think life is about constantly growing and becoming a better person, better leader, and better messenger for the Lord. I think this is going to be a year full of lots of growth for all of us!

i have loved participating in the NRBC! the books have been challenging and so so good. i love reading and being part of this book club has helped my find a good rhythm. so far, i’ve really liked His Needs, Her Needs. it opened my eyes to new aspects of my marriage and has brought great conversation and growth. so excited for the books to come!

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