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“Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” ―A. A. Milne

one question i received in a comment was from christin, and she said “i have loved reading your blog – it is just fabulous and so much fun to look at :) since you love to organize, i would love to see a blog post about some of your favorite tools or items you use to help you stay so put together(i.e. a planner you can’t live without, post it notes you use for reminders, etc.)…keep up the amazing work!”

i got really excited when reading this comment because it’s true, organization is really important to me.  i am a firm believer that every gift God gives us should be handled with the best stewardship we can offer.  i think staying organized is a great way to honor the Lord and be good stewards of every area of our lives! so here are the 3 areas of my life that require my organization.  i have included what i think are the most important organization tips.


1.  i buy organization tools that i love.  namely, my calendar/planner.  it takes me quite a while to pick out a planner that suits me.  then i decorate it with quotes and photographs that keep me inspired.
2.  i routinely clean out the drawers i use/access the most.
3.  baskets! i love baskets.  there are 4 in the top of my closet, 3 under our sink, 2 in our linen closet… they are cute & effective organizers.
4.  have a place for everything, and keep everything in it’s place.


my basic strategies i live by to keep my house in order:
1.  i make my bed every morning.
2.  clean sinks! flylady shares some great tips on why this clears your home and mind.
3.  quick clean-ups.  i either tackle one room at a time, or clean the entire apartment while timing myself.
4.  nightly kitchen cleaning.  no dirty dishes are allowed in my sink or on the counters before going to bed!  i’m a little ocd about this one.
5.  keep all drawers, cabinets, and closet doors closed.  it simply looks neat.
6.  make regular trips to goodwill and/or the consignment store.
7.  stay on a budget.  this is the best clutter-reducer out there. (best resource for becoming debt-free and staying on a budget: dave ramsey)
(many of these came from the lovely blog the inspired room… but i added a few myself.)


1.  keep my inbox at zero.  it is super hard, and i don’t succeed every day.  but i know it’s a priority, and i also know that no one gets left out this way.  everyone deserves to get a response, and a quick one if possible.
2.  regularly back up work and keep the computer hard drives clear.
3.  place all lenses, cords, chargers, batteries, etc. back in their place immediately after a session or wedding.  when i return home, all i do is carry the bags inside and put the bags in their delegated place.  the only thing i will then be handling is the CF cards, and i put them back as soon as they are backed up and cleared.
4.  things. a great program to keep my to do’s in order!
5.  keep your long term goals in the front of your mind.  this will help you make financial decisions, booking decisions, & photography decisions in general.  always be working toward the vision of who you want to become.

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i was so happy to see your response to my question :)…baskets really are wonderful, aren’t they?

Thanks for the tips! love your blog :)

AWESOME!! thanks for the tips! :)

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